Friday, January 10, 2020

November in The Keys

Here I am in sunny Florida. I planned to come here during my trip this winter, but I had no idea I'd be spending such a long stretch of time here, or I'd have made additional reservations in advance. 

You see, last July, I met someone and we are dating. (Don't get excited, it's early.) His name is Ralph, and he lives here in the Miami area. He has asked me to hang around for a while. It's been quite a task getting campsites during this time of year, and I've had to move several times. 

I arrived in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, on October 29th. I had a couple of days to kill before moving to The Keys on the 1st of November. On my way through Miami, I stopped and picked Ralph up at his house, and he came along to help me get set-up and settled in. Having help with things has been a real treat. 
The view out my window on the day of our arrival in Marathon.

The Keys were fabulous. Ralph took Fridays off for the month of November, so he had four day weekends all month. It gave us time to spend together, but I also had plenty of time to do my own thing. 

Murphy felt it necessary to share my lounge chair with me whenever possible.
We ate dinners out often, did some grilling, and sat outside to watch some incredible sunsets.  

We went out on The Marathon Lady, a reef fishing boat, one morning and caught somewhere around 15 fish. I can't remember exactly how many there were. 
Part of our catch is shown in the box below. Tasty little buggers. 
We took our catch to Sparky's Landing, one of the local restaurants where they will cook your catch. So good!
And just like that, it was December and time to move again.


  1. Well that was a surprise. Good for you. Your sunsets are amazing. So pretty down there.

  2. I was wondering where you went ... happy for you meeting someone. Hope it works out well for you long-term. It is always nicer sharing travels with the "right" someone.Lovely sunset shots.

    1. Thank you! I'm still here. Just in that awkward place where you don't know what to say about life's circumstances. I'm doing well and enjoying my time here.