Friday, November 22, 2019

South Carolina and a Stop at an Historic Church Ruin

After leaving North Carolina, we ambled South another two hundred, fifty miles ending up in Yemassee, South Carolina. When I'm looking to see what interesting sights are in a given area, I use Pinterest. 

When I looked for interesting things to see in this area of South Carolina, I discovered there were three church ruins fairly nearby. The closest was about 15 miles away, so I decided to go and take a look. 

This ruin is called Sheldon's Church. 

The church was burned by British troops during the Revolutionary War in 1779, Rebuilt and burned again years later. 
The ruin and the grounds are absolutely beautiful.
Ferns are growing here and there beneath the tall oaks and between the bricks on the ruin itself. 

You can walk among the tombs of the Bull family who owned the bordering plantation. 
I was able to take Murphy along. He enjoyed it as well. 

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