Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Visit to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Please note; this was a voluntary visit. 😂
I was perusing my route mapping app one day and saw this place. It was way outside my route, but I really wanted to see it, so I worked it in. 
The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is located in Weston, West Virginia. It dates back to 1858 when construction began. The original design was supposed to accommodate 250 patients, but in the 1950s, it housed over 2600.  
The layout of the main building. 

The asylum closed in 1994 and sat deteriorating for many years. 
In 2007 the asylum was purchased by a private party and is being restored. The proceeds from the many tours they offer are being used for the restoration. 
The tour I choose was the first-floor history tour. They offer tours of all four floors and ghost tours which are held at night.  
Some of the first floor has been restored. It's bright, sunny and feels more like an old hotel than an asylum. Apparently only the most well-behaved patients were housed in these areas. 
The restored areas are at the front of the building and are what you see in the photos above. Some are used as museum rooms.

The museum rooms display all sorts of medical equipment and therapies used over the years. 
The main staircase near the asylum entry.

We also toured areas of the asylum that have not yet been restored. 

The patient rooms are painted in many colors. 
I love this fire door. When the rope catches fire the angle of the track allows for the door to slide shut. 
This area was built after the civil war to house additional returning soldiers. 

There are bars on the windows overlooking the courtyard behind the building. 

The building is still beautiful from the outside. 

Behind the main building is the Medical Center building. 
Inside the medical center, they had a beauty shop. 

I took a lot of photos. There are far too many to post here but I'll add a few more here. 
I loved this tour!


  1. I'm amazed at the name of the place. That's an awful title. I would like the ghost tour. But I'd have to hold someone's hand. Yikes!!! I can spook myself easily.

    1. They explained the name back then was very politically correct. The ghost tour sounded interesting but I'd need a buddy too.