Friday, August 31, 2018

August 2018 Update (not the most original title)

Tomorrow is September 1st and summer is winding down. So much has happened this month. I'm at the point where I need to start nailing down some plans for the winter. 
Bridget has her name badge on.

I've been slowly working on getting ready for the winter travel season this month. I went through the things I have stored here at my Brother's place. Rob and I never had anything stored while we were traveling but my Airstream is significantly smaller and there are things I just can't part with but I can't take them along either. Everything has been compacted into two huge totes. 

I also had a pull out cargo tray installed in the bed of my truck. This thing is awesome! No more climbing into the back of the truck to reach things. 

Just 5 days ago I went in for my second wrist surgery. They removed the hardware that was holding me together. I'm in a splint again for a few weeks but it's pretty small. I go in on the 12th to have the stitches removed. 
Hardware in...
Hardware out...
The 17th is the day I drop Bridget off at Ultimate Airstreams to have her new washer/dryer installed. That is exciting! I'll be staying with my daughter in Portland while they do the installation. After that I think I'm free to hit the road for a while. I'll need to be back for Christmas and the new baby. 
Murphy loves his snake.

Decisions, decisions....

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