Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The "W" Word

I'll never forget the first time I had to mark the Widow box on a form I was filling out. I was in Medford, Oregon standing at the counter in the urgent care center I had driven myself to after falling and breaking my wrist.

Yesterday marked four months since Rob passed away. So much has happened but things are starting to slow down now and I'm spending more time thinking and examining my feelings. I'd known it was coming for years but suddenly I'm a widow.
This picture just makes me happy.

People ask me how I am often. Emotionally I feel OK especially since the sun has started to shine more often. The thing is, I feel a little lost. Like I have no identity and no purpose. 
Doesn't everyone sleep with a pony in their mouth?

I also feel incredibly brain damaged. Is there an official diagnosis of Widow's Brain? I lose things all the time. I forget what I'm doing. I say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. To an extent I've done this all my life but it's worse now. 

Fortunately I'm able to laugh at myself most of the time. I lost my Kindle somewhere along this path and have never found it. I've replaced it now but I will always wonder what happened to it. Perhaps I threw it into the trash or a donation bag. I may never know.
Romping in Uncle Bruce and Aunt Suzanna's field.
I'm not writing this to complain or garner sympathy.  I'm just thinking "out-loud" about who and what I am and am not at this point in my life.

I'm not sure what to do with myself most of the time. There are things I think I'd like to do but I really don't seem to have any drive in a specific direction, no passion. I guess it's just too soon.
So many windows to look out in our new home.
After spending the last twenty years taking care of someone so important in my life to have him suddenly gone and not needing my help all the time I've been set adrift. I know it will take time to find myself and figure out how I want to spend my time.

I have lots of family nearby and I enjoy spending time with them. The thing is, I'm a single now and not part of a couple and things are so different when that happens. I had no idea.  
We planted a succulent pot yesterday.
I'm very independent and very stubborn and I know I'll be fine. I just need to find out what makes me tick now. I'm working on getting into a routine so I don't spend too much time sitting here watching TV or not showering until noon. 

With better weather comes more time outside and Murphy is loving that. We walk around the property every evening and he gets to have a good run. He's also starting to enjoy playing fetch (sometimes). 
Murphy's third birthday was yesterday. Can you believe it? 

I do plan to set out on a long trip in the fall. I haven't spent much time planning yet because I'm trying to be still and let things unfold. I'm going to have to have another surgery on my wrist before I head out because they want to remove the plate they used to stabilize the fractures. I'm not looking forward to that but I'm pleased with my recovery and my scar is looking better every day so I can't complain. 

Thanks for listening friends!

Monday, April 9, 2018

A Big Mistake in a Tiny Package

It's been such a long, awful winter but spring has arrived and things are slowly improving in the little RV. 

My last post detailed my misadventure to Texas to pick up my Airstream. After having surgery to repair my fractured wrist I decided to bite the bullet and have it shipped from Texas to Washington. To make a long story short, it arrived very quickly. I moved in and quickly realized I had made a huge, tiny mistake. It was just too small and I began to get depressed. When you're on the edge anyway that's the last thing you need. Two weeks of sitting in a tiny tin can in the rain with one arm useless and a big, bored dog was two weeks too many. I knew it was not going to work. 

I began to weigh my options and soon decided it was a question of my happiness and emotional and physical well being rather than money. 
I started looking at larger Airstreams and found one I wanted to see right here in town. My sister-in-law, Suzanna and I drove over to take a look. It's only three feet longer but what an incredible difference that three feet makes. It's also wider by 15" so it feels so much more spacious.
I thought and pondered and finally decided it was the one for me so I made an offer. This is a 2016 Flying Cloud 25 FB used only five times by an older couple. It's in beautiful shape and it's darn near perfect for Murphy and me.  
He's on my bed. He has one too!

My dad and my nephew helped me bring it home last Wednesday and we started moving in right away. I'm so much happier in here. There are tons of windows and so much light even on rainy days. We are still getting settled and organized but wow what a relief. 
He can see out all the windows and loves it.

My wrist is healing well and I'm actually typing for the first time with both hands. I got my cast off last Thursday and started physical therapy. I'm wearing a brace when I'm out or doing something physical but I have my arm back and that's a great thing.