Monday, November 13, 2017

Rob Update, Winter Weather, Superheros and a Spaceship

The roller coaster ride continues. Rob is still in the hospital. It was three weeks as of yesterday. Things got pretty bad that first Thursday night and I heard the words "lets just get him through the night" once again. I made the decision to call his family to come out just in case. His mom, sister and two daughters arrived from the east coast the next day. 
From left to right, Lesa (sister), Kelly (youngest daughter), Meghan (oldest daughter) Sue (Mom)
The day after their arrival Rob rallied and was able to spend a little time with them in between much needed sleep. It seems he has used another of his nine lives. Danger passed, everyone headed home on Monday.

This is basically the same thing that happened in Tucson two and a half years ago but this time it started with low blood sugar, aspiration pneumonia and two calls to 911. 

We've been dealing with respiratory failure, kidney failure and heart failure, an awful combination. There isn't much they can do for him without making one of his conditions worse. They are managing him mostly with medications. By the middle of the second week it became clear he would need dialysis.

His pneumonia is resolved and they managed to get the fluid out of his lungs from his congestive heart failure so it appears he is over the hump for now. His heart is functioning at about 30% and his kidneys are functioning at about 10%. 

This is his second longest hospital stay ever. Ugh! But we have good news. He's doing so much better.
Over the last couple of weeks he's been moved to the 4th floor and taken off the heart monitor. He's also having routine dialysis three days a week. 

More recently he's been getting out of bed and into a chair for meals and just yesterday he left his room and walked to the nurses station with assistance. These are tremendous milestones. 

There are no openings for dialysis up and down the I-5 corridor in Washington so he's in the hospital until something opens up. He's not the first in line by any stretch so we have no way of knowing how long he'll be there. 

He's working with Physical Therapy to get strong enough to come home instead of a rehab center when a dialysis spot opens up. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, back on the homestead it got really cold here very suddenly. We had snow two days in a row and it became clear that something had to be done or we were in for a long and very miserable winter. 
That's snow on the hood!!

We have tile floors and with the cold air blowing under the RV those floors were cold as ice.  
My nephew Bob and my brother Bruce

Enter my own personal superheros. My brother Bruce and nephew Bob completely skirted the motorhome with foam insulation board. 

They also insulated and heat taped our fresh water hose to keep it from freezing and finally they set me up with a couple of jumbo propane tanks to keep the home fires burning. I added some area rugs inside and now we're toasty warm. 

Anyone need a ride to outer space?