Friday, September 1, 2017

We Have a New Fan!

I can't believe it's September 1st already. The older I get the faster time goes. I suppose it's that way for all of us. We have been so busy with medical appointments is seems like nothing else has been happening. 
Still painting rocks!

It's looking like we'll be here in the Pacific Northwest through Christmas. We had planned to spend the winter in Texas along the Gulf Coast but that's clearly not going to happen this winter. The damage due to hurricane Harvey is so widespread and severe. So, we're looking Arizona instead. 

Last post I told you Rob got a new electric smoker. We have used that smoker many times over the summer and with great results. I love that it gets him outside and gives him something to do. It takes 6 hours just to smoke a rack of ribs. The yummy smoked ribs and other tasty treats are just an added bonus. I think he's going to smoke a pork shoulder for Labor Day this weekend. That's at least 12 hours of smoking time. I'm looking forward to that taste test. 

A few weeks ago the exhaust fan in our half bathroom died. That bathroom is where we keep Rob's oxygen machine. It's huge and puts out a ridiculous amount of heat when it's running so an exhaust fan is absolutely necessary. 
The Monster Oxygen Machine
I finally did some research and figured out how to remove the old one and what to replace it with. I wanted to do the work myself and keep the cost low but I do not go on the roof so it had to happen from the inside.
The old fan had one speed - turbo. I found a new one online with three speeds. It also will switch to pull air in or vent it out, all for the low, low price of $79.  I ordered the fan from Amazon, of course. 

Yesterday we installed it. It wasn't quite as easy as the videos made it look. We ran into a couple of problems along the way but it's in and works great. 

More exciting news. My daughter and her family are buying a new house in the Portland, Oregon area. They have outgrown their tiny, little house which is less than 900 square feet. The have three kids so it's just not working for them.  The exciting part for us is they bought with us in mind and there is room for us to park on the property. They are scheduled to close next week and then we'll have another awesome place to stay in the Portland area. I think we'll like the neighbors. 

Murphy says hello!