Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's Been a Busy Summer for the Little RV

Hi there! I know it's been a few weeks since I wrote a post but here we are. Since we arrived back in Washington on Father's Day we have been super busy with life. There have been lots of medical appointments, a little work on the motorhome here and there, some arts and crafts, lots of visits with family and even a few trips to Portland to visit my daughter and her family. 

We are really enjoying our outdoor living space. It's nice to be in a place where we can relax and actually have a couple of things that are too big to take along wherever we go, like big, cushy chairs and a picnic table. My brother and his family had this old picnic table they weren't using so I refinished it and it's getting lots of use. 

Rob also has a new smoker. We have been smoking some pretty tasty treats over the past few weeks. Just yesterday we have some seriously tasty ribs. He's enjoying it very much. 

I've been spending some time doing crafty things. First Suzanna, my sister-in-law and I used some of my shells to make wind chimes. 
Then I started painting rocks. I saw some fun rocks on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.

The photo below shows just a few of them. I keep painting and giving them away.

The first rocks I painted were from Lake Michigan. They are amazingly smooth and flat and perfect for painting. When I ran out of those I went to the a landscape shop and literally stood in the large river rock bin to choose a milk crate full of river rocks. Unfortunately they are not very smooth so they have to be cleaned, spackled, sanded and painted with a base coat before I get to the fun part.
Murphy is happy as a clam here at Uncle Bruce's house. There are neighbors to visit, rabbits and birds to chase, berries to eat, acres of land to explore and always something fun for a boy to do.
We are told there are chipmunks living in this stump. Occasionally he has a good snoop around the stump in his quest for a playmate but he always come up empty. 
Sometimes he comes home smelling like the neighbor's horse barn. Ugh! 

Did I mention that our lovely, black tile back splash literally fell off the kitchen wall? 
After I took it outside I discovered the tile was installed on a backer board and the backer board was attached to the wall by two blobs of some sort of adhesive. 

I decided to replace the real tile with peel and stick tile squares. They look real and are very light weight. They are also much more colorful than the old black tile. 
During installation. I like it!