Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Little RV Has a Cozy New Home

We arrived back home in Washington on Father's Day. We got to go and surprise my Dad. It's really good to see my family again.
Murphy is loving all this space to run.

Because of our travel style we had no idea when we would arrive back in Washington so we didn't have a site locked down for the summer. Unfortunately the place we normally stay is full this year and parks with 50 amp full hook-ups are pretty slim pickings around here. We ended up staying at one of the casino campgrounds for about a week but with no sewer connection we had to move the motorhome to dump the tanks. That's a pain.
Murphy is fascinated by the neighbor's horses.

My brother and sister-in-law have a house on acreage just outside Olympia. Over the years we have joked about putting in an RV site for the Little RV. It seems the joke is on them because as I write this we are sitting on their property with full hook-ups. Posh!
The back 40.

When they purchased this property there was an older modular home here. Several years ago they built a home and had the old one removed. The old house was near the front of the property but their new house is much further back. Our site is where the old house was. It's fairly flat, open, has water and sewer in place but there was no electric for us to tap into.  That problem was solved by running a a power from the garage to a post at the back of the new site.

We also installed landscape fabric and had a full dump truck load of crushed rock delivered for a clean, fairly level surface.

Murphy loves it here. It seems there are always plenty of people including kids to visit with and there is a ton of room to run off leash. They even have a couple of dogs. Murphy really likes to play with Sadie.
We have been given free reign to landscape as much or as little as we like. We're going to need more rock and we are thinking about a cement patio and a couple of really comfortable outdoor chairs.
Full hook-ups,gravel base down, and rug out.