Sunday, June 11, 2017

Montana is The Little RV's Happy Place

             Our first view of the Rocky Mountains
Yesterday we left South Dakota behind, drove through parts of Wyoming and into Montana. I love Montana and consider it my home state. My family moved to a little town called Bonner when I was ten years old. We were just a few miles from Missoula where my brother and I attended high school. My family left Montana in the early 80's but in my heart it is my home. 
Big Sky Country

Rob has grown to love Montana as well. We visit whenever we are able. Sadly the altitude here makes it very difficult for Rob to breathe without the constant use of oxygen so living here in out of the question. 
7th Ranch Campground

We did a long 300+ mile day again but pulled out of the South Dakota campground at about 7:15 AM so we arrived at the Montana campground and were set up by 1:30 PM.  

This campground is our kind of place. It's in the middle of nowhere, has amazing views and really friendly staff. There are no fancy amenities here. Just a beautifully maintained campground in a truly awe inspiring setting. 
After we got set up Murphy and I hiked up to the flag at the top of the hill behind the campground.  There were lots of pretty things to photograph along the way.

Murphy enjoyed his romp around the hills. 
We had a great night's sleep and this morning we were once again greeted by the beauty of this amazing place.

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