Saturday, May 27, 2017

Glass, Crowds, New Friends, and Pups with the Little RV

We are currently in Elkhart, Indiana. We moved from our casino location in Michigan last Sunday so we could have the new circuit board installed in our rear air conditioner. It's all done and functioning correctly.  I'll say it... we're happy campers. 😀

With Memorial Day weekend coming up quickly we decided to stay put through the weekend so we could order some prescriptions and provisions from Amazon.   

The area of the campground we are parked in has been almost empty all week. Murphy and I have spend several enjoyable hours visiting with our only neighbors and their dogs. 
Murphy and Coconut

Unfortunately things changed yesterday when the holiday campers arrived. Now we're neck deep in screaming kids, barking dogs and campfire smoke.  

Don't get me wrong. I love a good campfire but there comes a time when enough smoke is enough.  
Lake Michigan
Wednesday I met a friend at Lake Michigan. She was kind enough to share her secret squirrel location for beach glass. It was a two hour drive each way but very worth it.  I'm told you can see the Chicago skyline from here if it's a clear day. It was chilly and drizzly but not bad at all. 

It's been a while since I spent that much time hunched over searching the sand. I could barely walk the next day. 

I'm fascinated by the rocks found in and around this lake. Some are smooth and flat, some are a conglomeration of many types of rock. The one above is fun. 

I was able to find lots of beach glass. I filled my jar and then some so I'm happy. I also made a new friend. That's always a bonus. 

Here's some exciting news! We have a new grand-dog! Christina and her family adopted a shelter dog named Sampson. He's a Great Dane mix somewhere around 1 year old and is so sweet and gentle with our grandkids. 
Tiny and Sampson are having a moment. 💓
Murphy can't wait to get home and meet his new cousin.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Rocking and Glassing Michigan in the Little RV

Since our arrival in Manistee, Michigan a couple of days ago Murphy and I have gone to Lake Michigan twice to hunt beach glass. Murphy is beat and I'm sore. When we had our house I used to go out and weed for hours in the beginning of Spring and the backs of my thighs would get so sore. This is the same kind of sore but it's from bending over searching for beach glass. 

Temperatures at the lake have been in the upper 50s and low 60s with very little wind. It's been perfect.  When we first arrived at the beach Murphy ran up and down the shore in the water dozens of times. He was great about sticking nearby. He explored, chased birds, ran in the water and dug in the sand. 
While Murphy was expending his excess energy I was walking and digging in the rocks looking for beach glass. What I didn't expect was all of the fascinating rocks I found. 
We got our grandson Camden a rock tumbler for Christmas last year so I'm taking rocks home so we can tumble them. I'm sure he'll like that. 

We went back to the same beach yesterday and found more rocks and some beach glass. Murphy was still tired from his first trip to the beach so after a little running around he came and sat down and curled up right between my legs. We took that opportunity to take some selfies.
Here is the beach glass I have found so far. 

I hear over near Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin on the southwest corner of Lake Michigan the glassing is much better. We're going to stop by there after we finish up in Elkhart. 

Today we spent a good part of the day cleaning the outside of the motorhome. It got so dirty when it was in the shop. Between that dirt and the dead, baked on bugs it's nasty. It'll take me a few days to get it as clean as I can. There are a lot of places I can't reach so I'll just do as much as I can.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

An Escape to Lake Michigan for the Little RV

This morning we are in Manistee, Michigan on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. 

We finally escaped Indiana but not for long. Late last week we discovered our inverter had stopped working. The inverter is what keeps our refrigerator working when we are not plugged in to shore power. Also our burner wasn't lighting consistently and our bedroom air conditioning unit was stepping up its malfunction game. 

I called Forest River and they scheduled us to go back to the factory on Tuesday (yesterday). We were also on hold because some of Rob's mail order prescriptions were sent to the RV park in Alabama. We had to wait for them to reship those medications. They finally arrived on Monday. In total we spent a month in Indiana mostly at the fairgrounds. 
Murphy was working the crowd yesterday.

We were up and moving early yesterday. When we arrived at Forest River they took the Little RV back to the shop and started working. Within a couple of hours they came back to give us an update on the repair situation. 

The burner was acting up for them and they couldn't figure out what the problem was so they decided to install a brand new oven/stove unit. That should take care of the problem! The timing was perfect because I really needed to clean my oven. 

They installed another new inverter without a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet. It's hardwired to the refrigerator so the inverter breaker on it can't blow. The inverter manufacturer as been having a problem with these inverters and are in the process of replacing them with a new model.  Hopefully that issue has been resolved. 

The air conditioning unit was inspected by the owner of the company Forest River and Dometic (the a/c manufacturer) use to service and repair the units. He found that our circuit board had gotten wet at some point and that is causing the crazy behavior we have seen. 

On our first visit to Forest River the a/c guy sealed the unit better with a silver tape. He said it wasn't sealed properly and was recycling the cold air. This can cause condensation in the unit and freeze the coils causing moisture in the unit.  This is probably how the circuit board got wet. 

We need a new board so they called all over town trying to find one but none were available. Dometic said the part is back ordered and it should be available in about a week. 

At this point we had three choices. (1)Get the repair done elsewhere knowing we'd have to wait for a circuit board to be ordered and delivered. (2) Wait around Elkhart for another week or more for the part to come in. (3) Go have a little fun somewhere and go back to Elkhart when the part comes in. We opted for 3. 

It was nearly 1 PM when we finally left town and we had more than 200 miles to drive. We had a pretty good drive with no problems and arrived in Manistee, Michigan around 6 PM.  

We are really close to Lake Michigan. Let the beach glass/rock hounding begin!