Thursday, April 6, 2017

Movin' North in the Little RV

Sadly our time at the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches is over. I'm sure going to miss this place and my fabulous tan.
Yesterday we hit the road once again to make our way north to Indiana for some long awaited repairs to George, our motorhome.

After sitting in one place for two months there is a lot of work to do to get ready to go again. Not to mention all of the things I had been neglecting to do while spending a lot of time on the beach.  I spent several days preparing to move on. Last Friday was devoted to the car. I had the oil changed and the tires rotated. Then I took it to the car wash for a scrub and took advantage of their free vacuums with car wash purchase. I'm pretty sure I got at least 10 lbs. of sand out of the car. Once I got home I waxed the car and thoroughly cleaned the inside. It's so much better! 

Saturday morning I headed outside to work on other things like cleaning the rust off the the hitch used to tow the car behind the motorhome. I used our Dremel and a wire brush attachment. Ladies, if you do this put something heavy over your clothes. I'm still picking the nasty little broken wires out of my bra. Those suckers are sharp. 

Everything outside had to be cleaned and put away. This included the grill, outdoor rug, chairs, etc. I checked the oil, transmission fluid and tire pressure on the motorhome. Everything looked great except one tire was a bit low so out came the air compressor.  The holding tanks had to be dumped and flushed out too. 

Sunday was windy and I watched as a huge wind gust ripped the awning off a nearby motorhome side wall and flipped it over the top of the motorhome.  People don't leave your awning out when you leave or go to bed at night. I've seen a lot of this over the last few years. It's just so sudden and costly. I did a lot of preparation work inside on Sunday.

Monday we had a terribly stormy day. Thunder, lightening, torrential rain and lots of wind. There were lots of weather warnings and watches. These were just some of the warnings on my weather app when I got up.

Tuesday came and off we went. We had a 200 mile day planned. Longer travel days are too hard on Rob so we try to keep them to 200 miles or less. We arrived at our campground near Montgomery, Alabama around 2:00 PM.

We got a nice, long pull-through site so I didn't even have to unhook the car. This is an Army Core of Engineers campground and it's very nice. Murphy is enjoying all of the new smells and the squirrels. We spent two nights here and head to Tennessee today.

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