Sunday, April 9, 2017

Memory Lane, a Full Map and Rolling Hills in the Little RV

We are currently in Franklin, Kentucky just a few miles from our first home together in Tennessee. Rob and I met online when he was working in Tokyo, Japan and I was living in Washington State. He came for a visit and never went back. About a year and a half later he got a job in Nashville, we got married and we bought a log cabin on 7 acres, sight unseen in Portland, Tennessee. That was in 1998. 
                This was our little log cabin on 7 acres just one mile from the Kentucky / Tennessee state line.
Town square in Franklin, Kentucky the closest town to our old house.
The only two states not filled in on our map from the lower 48 were Tennessee and Kentucky. Since we were in Alabama and heading for Indiana we had the perfect opportunity to add those stickers to the map and see our old home again.  Just get on I 65 and go north. 
                         It took four and a half years but the lower 48 are all filled in.
The park we are staying in is surrounded by very large, unused fields and Murphy is having such a wonderful time running to his hearts content, sniffing out rabbits and birds and generally being a dog. He's a happy boy. He even met a small herd of cows the other day. He barked at first then he decided he wanted to play with them. 
Tomorrow we head north again. We'll be in Indiana when we stop for the night. Only 400 miles left to go to Elkhart.


  1. You two show that there are no boundaries to pursuing your dreams!

    1. Is that you cupcake lady?? We either show no boundaries or a serious lack in judgement. It's a fun life either way.
      Take care of yourself!