Monday, April 17, 2017

George (The Little RV) has been delivered to his birthplace.

Yesterday we dropped the Little RV off at the Forest River factory shop here in Elkhart, Indiana. We left him backed into a space and plugged in near the gates. I had to be back there this morning at 7am to meet with the manager and technician who will be doing the work. Murphy and I went back extra early so we could enjoy a cup of coffee and snuggle in my recliner. 

I haven't written much about the problems we have had with our current RV. Mostly because we had so many awful problems with the last one it seemed like it was all I ever wrote about. Sometimes it's easier just to put it out of my mind.

Just before our 1 year warranty expired I contacted Forest River because we have some ongoing problems that were not resolved by our dealer's repair shop. Forest River agreed to honor the items through warranty when we could get to a shop. In November I called and asked to make an appointment at the factory rather then take George to a random repair shop. You have to book months in advance and our appointment was set for today, April 17th at 7am. 

It took about an hour to go through the list of problems I had sent them via email. Forgive me for just barfing the list up here on the screen for you to read. In the interest of being real I'm sharing. There will be no charges for any of these repairs. 

  • We have an MCD power operated day and night shade in our front window. Over time the shade has started to sag. The shade edges are fraying and I find metal shaving under the brackets.
  • We have tile floors except for the bedroom floor. The grout cracks and chips out. Our dealer repair shop replaced some of the grout but it has turned black and it will not come clean and one of the tiles they re-grouted actually wobbles when you step on it. We also have two broken tiles and were not given any replacement tiles.  
  • Both of our air conditioning units have issues. The front unit does not cool adequately and the back unit drips water occasionally and shuts itself off occasionally. 
  • One of the faucets in the main bathroom does not shut off properly. 
  • Our living room slide has major issues. It does not close flush with the rest of the motorhome. One end always sticks out about an inch. It does not slide in or out smoothly, it has ripped interior trim right off the slide more then once, it is marring two of our floor tiles, the refrigerator actually shifts when the slide goes in and out and the refrigerator doors bind on the surrounding trim. Worst of all there is a significant leak in the slide somewhere. We have had soaked carpet, ruined items in the basement, trim damage and more as a result of this problem. 
  • Our bedroom slide tilts when extended. The top sits closer to the motorhome than the bottom. 
  • One of our stove burners will not ignite using the knob on the stove. I have to use a lighter. 
  • Our screen door randomly pops open.
  • We have been unable to watch our outside television. This problem has something to do with the switch box. 
  • The driver side camera does not show a picture.
  • One of the bay doors pops open randomly and has opened when moving. This even happens when the door is locked. 
  • The panel surrounding the hot water heater needs to be properly secured. I did what I could but it still sticks out some. 
  • My feet get wet when I'm driving in the rain. Seriously!
  • There are wires hanging from behind the dash that need to be secured. 
  • The factory installed mud flap is scratching the paint off the rear end cap. 
They were very receptive and offered several ideas for how they might remedy the problems. One of which is to remove all of the grout from the floors and replace the broken tiles. Then they will re-grout with a flexible grout that won't break. 

All in all I'm feeling more optimistic about the quality of the repairs we will be getting here as opposed to repair shops where they just want you out of their hair ASAP.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. Good luck on the repairs. Since my Diesel pusher has sat for about a year unused, I will probably have a lot of problems when I decide to use it again. Yes, it will need a state inspection. That is first on the list.

    1. Dizzy,
      Maybe it's time to get that big rig fired up and ready to go!