Saturday, April 29, 2017

Finished at the Factory and Planning for our Next Adventure

My last post was about our visit to the Forest River factory to have some ongoing problems repaired. Our repairs are complete. As complete as they will get for now anyway. 

They called in Dometic again to check the bedroom air conditioning unit but the technician "couldn't duplicate the problem" with our air conditioner in the bedroom. So, that means we are stuck with a problematic unit until it dies. That's on Dometic though. If it had been up to Forest River I think they would have just replaced it. Hopefully they will still take care of the problem when that happens. 

The new front windshield MCD Day/Night power shade was crooked and when lowered it would fall out of the track on one side. It took some doing but they were able to get it straightened up to a point where I could live with it. 

While we were there the water pump started to act up so they replaced it with a brand new one. 

I have to say, I'm so glad we came to the factory. The service and care we received was fabulous.

Finally, I believe the stove burner that has been fixed at least six times has actually been fixed this time. They replaced a the wire that runs from the stove the burner itself. I have successfully lit the burner with the spark knob three times in a row. I am optimistic. 

We are still at the fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana. We were planning to leave the area last Tuesday but decided to wait so we could make an Amazon order, get some medications shipped and get our mail shipped. We plan to leave on Wednesday.  

While we have been on hold here in Indiana we have had many discussions about our next destination. Rob has asked if I want to go back to Sanibel Island, Florida. Well YES, YES I DO. However it's the wrong direction. We need to head west.  

Utah came up in conversation because we really want to spend some time at Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Zion Parks. We plan to head to the Southwest next winter so we can do Utah in the Fall. There is so much to see and do there. We went on a two week car trip there in 2007 before we even had an RV and loved the trip.

Recently I've become interested in sea or beach glass collecting and we are just a hop, skip and jump from Lake Michigan so Rob suggested we head up and around the lake. We have been through Michigan and across the Upper Peninsula (UP) two or three times and we love it.
Hopefully we won't be too cold that far north in the month of May. 

I've got some travel planning to do!

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