Saturday, March 25, 2017

What are you going to do with all those shells?

I seem to be making a bad habit of going for weeks at a time without blogging. When we are in one place for a long while I run out of things to write about. We are still here in Orange Beach, Alabama. We enjoyed our first month so much we decided to stay for another month.

Our days have been filled with doggie walks, and mundane household chores like cooking and cleaning. Sprinkled in here and there are trips to the beach to hunt for shells and some crafting with some of the many, many shells I have collected. 

I can't tell you the number of times people (including Rob) have asked me what I'm going to do with all those shells. 

Recently my Mom asked if I might make her something with some of my shells. We talked about what she might like and I sent her to my Pinterest "Seashells" board to browse the possibilities. I felt the thing she was most excited about was the mirrors with frames covered in seashells. 

I found a really unusual mirror at Hobby Lobby at a great price. At first I was a bit intimidated by the process so I decided to do a smaller project first. It's an anchor for my daughter. It went well so I dove into the mirror project. 

It took quite a bit of time to finish. The process is kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle but with the puzzle the end is easier. With the shells, the beginning is easier because you just slap one on and work from there. 

Once I finished gluing the shells on I decided to give them a spray of clear, gloss for a nice shine and to bring out the colors. I had also seen one on Pinterest where they added pearls and I liked the look so I added various sizes of faux pearls in key places. I'm happy with the results. 

I'm afraid to ship these two projects because they are quite fragile so I'm going to wrap them up and store them in a safe place. When we get home I'll deliver them personally.