Monday, February 20, 2017

The Little RV Digs Up More Than Shells on the Beach

Yesterday I was out of the house and on the beach at dawn. Sadly, I found only one tiny sand dollar at the first beach I visited. I moved on to the main public beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Armed with my trusty blue plastic shovel and my shell bag I walked the water's edge for a while. 

The beach was pretty quiet and I found a few little shells that will be great for a project I'm working on.

Slim pickings for sure. I headed up onto the wide beach to see if a particular spot called to me, dig for treasures here. Sure enough, after about 20 minutes of perusing the terrain, I found the spot and started to dig and dig and dig. 
Me, sitting on the edge of the giant hole I dug.

As I dug, the beach became more and more busy. I noticed people would stop and point. I guess the sight of a middle aged woman, digging a huge hole in the middle of the beach is not a normal one. 
Before the crowds arrived.

Occasionally someone would stop and ask questions or just chat for a bit. One beach goer in particular, Patty, wanted to take over my dig when I was ready to leave and even gave me a bottle of water.  
Shark's Eye shells

I found quite a few Shark's Eyes also called Moon Shells yesterday. The one above on the left is particularly large but the one on the right has beautiful banding. It's so much fun to dig these up.
I also found my first Baby's Ear yesterday.

Another pair of ladies, Pat and Judy, stopped by to chat on their way down the beach with their husbands. When they came back by the ladies stopped again. They picked through some of the sand I had dug out and found some fun shells to take home with them.
Lettered Olive

Check out the size of the Olive shell I dug up. It's huge! I found a bunch of Olive shells yesterday but only brought home those that are in good shape.
Haven't even cleaned these Olives yet.

Patty, Judy, Pat, Lisa and Janet, if you're reading this I'm glad to have met you.
Common Nutmegs
As it turns out you can dig up more than just shells on the beach. You can dig up new friends, bottles of water, souvenirs for lovely people to take home and great memories. Oh, and stiff muscles and a sunburn.


  1. I think we should call you the "shell whisperer" <3

    1. I'm going with shell squealer because when I find a good one I squeal. I also talk to them. I've been know to say, "come here you little beauty".

  2. Wow, you are an excellent shell finder. How many feet were you up from the water edge?

    1. Flowergirl, this is a guess but I'm going to say maybe 150 feet. I was about halfway between the water and the edge of the parking lot. I would totally vary depending on the beach.