Friday, February 10, 2017

Alabama Welcomes the Little RV in a Big Way

We moved to Orange Beach, Alabama over the last two days. It's a 470 mile trip from Orlando. That's too far for one day for these two old folks. The first day was pretty uneventful and we stopped for the night at a sad, sad park behind a Marathon gas station just west of Tallahassee, Florida. It had full hook-ups and was easy to get in and out. It was even big enough to leave the car hooked up. That makes for an easy get away in the morning. 
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There were two great things about this sad little park. It was an old farm and there was a ton of room for Murphy to run and play. I was not given any rules and there were none posted. I never saw another camper outside their rigs so I just let Murphy run while I walked with him. He was so happy. The other great thing was it's a Passport America park so it was only $20 for the night. 

We were off and running rolling first thing in the morning. We had another 230 miles to go. I had heard there was a storm coming in from the west which would arrive in the evening. 

We arrived at the campground around 1:30 in the afternoon and just as I was about to go check in at the office it started to rain. 
Our site in the new park after the storm.

The rain suddenly stopped and I ran in to register. Fortunately the rain held off until I had set-up our site, dumped the tanks, and walked the dog. Within moments of going inside the wind and rain began.
Screenshot of my weather app during the storm.
I checked my phone for a weather forecast and found we were under a tornado watch. Welcome to Alabama!  

Rob was sleeping when we arrived at the campground. Disney took a lot out of him. He didn't even wake up during the storm except when the power went off for a moment. 

Unfortunately, because of the way we are positioned, the wind was blowing the rain into the rear air conditioning unit. We weren't aware of it until a lot of water came pouring out of the vent over the bed. 

The air conditioner stopped working then started again and wouldn't shut off. The thermostat was showing an error message E1 which means the thermostat and unit are not communicating. For the past two days we have been coaxing the unit along. We couldn't turn it on or off and we couldn't adjust the temperature. I had to stop and start it with the breaker. It seems to be drying out and getting back to normal.

Never a dull moment! 

The beach is calling and I must go....

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