Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bonita Springs, Collecting Sea Shells and Making More Travel Plans

Boy have I been falling down on the blogging job! 

We are currently in Bonita Springs on the West coast of Florida. We moved on New Year's Day. The move was only about 150 miles so it was an easy drive. Most of the drive is across Alligator Alley which runs through the Florida Everglades. I love this part of Florida because of the beaches and shelling. 
Sanibel Island, Florida
Those are seashells you see in the photo above. They are several feet deep in some places and if you look carefully you'll find some amazing treasures. 
       Some of my favorites from just one trip to the beach.
Rob keeps asking me what I'm going to do with my shells. Um... I have no idea but I refuse to part with them. I know I'd like to make some home decor items with some of them eventually.
My first Alphabet Cone
Shelling is an art form. Who knew? There are specific places on the beach where you can expect to find shells and they are not only found right in the surf.

Two years ago when we were here I was a novice sheller and had no idea what I was doing but found some spectacular shells. This year I'm still learning but I know more about the proper conditions for great shelling like wind direction, tides, etc. Right now we are having a pretty good storm with high winds and I can't wait to get to the beach and see what might be there.
Lightening Whelks
The other day Rob, Murphy and I drove down to the Everglades and did a little looking around. We were so disappointed to only see two birds, two deer and NO alligators. We do have photos but they are currently trapped in Rob's camera. 

When we leave here on the 31st of January we are headed to Disney World where we'll be meeting on of Rob's daughters for some Magic Kingdom fun. Until yesterday we had no idea where we were going after Disney but I found a newly opened park in Orange Beach, Alabama where they have plenty of space for us to spend a few weeks. The park is close to the beaches and close to Pensacola, FL so I can shell those beaches too. 

After Alabama we'll start making our way toward Elkhart, Indiana where the Forest River factory is located. They have agreed to do some repair work on The Little RV at no cost to us. These are ongoing issues and we'd like them fixed once and for all so to the factory we go. Along the way we will be able to fill in our last two of the lower 48 states, Tennessee and Kentucky. 
Some spaces left to fill in here.