Sunday, November 13, 2016

Crazy Fellow Bloggers and This Girl Learns a New Trick!

The other day we had the pleasure of meeting some fellow bloggers who just happen to follow our blog. The Crazy Marlins came for a visit! These folks are warm and friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them during our brief visit. Safe travels Crazy Marlins and thanks for stopping by!
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Friday was free entrance day to Florida State Parks so we took advantage and headed to Bahia Honda State Park about 20 miles south of Marathon for some beach time. The water was 79 degrees. Warm!
Bahia Honda State Park
We met our friends Nan and Ron there and spent several hours enjoying the sights and sounds and especially the water. We were even able to get Rob into the water to cool off a couple of times. Nan snapped a photo of us slowly making our way back to shore.

We also encountered a Portuguese Man-of-war. Creepy little creature but very pretty colors.   
Portuguese Man-of-war

These critters are dangerous! They can sting you from up to 165 feet away but the average tentacle length is 30 feet. If you want to know more click here.  

The highlight of the day for me was snorkeling! 
Ron loaned me his gear and Nan took me out into the water and ever so patiently taught me the basics of snorkeling. I later found out she was a life guard and swim instructor in a previous life so I was in very good hands. 

Seriously, how long does it take to master those stupid flippers?  I'm ready to go again!


  1. Wow!! That water looks beautiful. Enjoy yourselves.

    1. We are having the best time Dizzy! Thanks

  2. So glad we got to meet you two! Sounds like you have found some really nice friends to show you around here in the Keys. Enjoy and safe travels.

    1. Hopefully we'll see you guys around sometime. It was a pleasure meeting you.