Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Little RV Hits Pause

After leaving Rhode Island we drove to Tom's River, New Jersey to visit another of Rob's old high school friends.  Karen lives on the Jersey Shore which was devastated by Super Storm Sandy a few years back. We were in Connecticut for that particular storm. You can read about that here and here

Our stop in NJ was fun. Our campground was less than inviting. It was mostly permanent residents which is normally not an issue for us. However, this park was just a mess. There was a lot of junk around most of the sites. I had to hunt for the electric hook-up and couldn't even find the water on our site. I eventually added another hose and hooked into the water on the next site which was empty. 

One good thing this park had to offer was "The Island". There is a creek that runs through the property in two separate streams. Between the streams is a large island used for tent camping. It was empty when we were there and it was a great place to take Murphy to run off-leash.

 It was chilly and rainy but Karen and I went to Seaside Heights. This is the boardwalk we saw so much of on the news after Hurricane Sandy. The amusement park was destroyed along with most of the boardwalk.

What the storm didn't ruin, the fires afterward finished off. This is an aerial view taken after the storm.

They have rebuilt most of the area we visited but they still have a lot of work to go. 

I loved this ice cream shop even though it was closed. Thanks Karen for being such a great tour guide. 
After leaving NJ we headed south on I-95 right through New York City. I had planned to drive around the city but it added a lot of miles so we just decided to power through. It was raining that day and I had no idea what to expect. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately) our travel was so slow I was able to take in the sights while driving. 

 We finally arrived at our campground in Maryland late in the day. We were about halfway between Baltimore and Washington DC.

The park in Maryland was very nice but very expensive. Campgrounds are scarce here so $75 a night is the going rate. 

We stayed in Maryland for two night then headed south to Virginia. The drive took us through Washington DC, and Richmond, VA. It was a nice day and an easy drive. 

We are in Williamsburg, Virginia. We came here specifically to meet up with another of Rob's high school friends. 

We had planned to leave for the Outer Banks of North Carolina today but until hurricane Matthew is safely out to sea we have hit pause on our travels.  There is a lot to see and do here and we have friends so that makes it a great place to stop for a while. 

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