Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Get Out of the Way!

We are supposed to be visiting the glorious Outer Banks of North Carolina but Mother Nature had other ideas. In our last post I wrote about our decision to wait the storm out here in Virginia. 

Murphy and I have had several long walks around this huge campground and we always find something interesting to look at and sniff. 

We have been in Williamsburg for a few days. We are enjoying our first stay in a Thousand Trails park. We joined back in July but hadn't been in a location to use one of their parks. After joining your first 30 days of camping each year are free. Free is the perfect place to wait out a storm. After you stay 30 days the charge is just $3 per night. There are restrictions so if you're interested read carefully. 

Today it's raining and we're planning to leave tomorrow. Until just about an hour ago we didn't know where we were headed but we now have a reservation in North Carolina near the beach. The storm is dying down and the campground we are moving to is up near the Virginia border so we are hoping things go as planned and we are able to head for the beach.

Of course, if we get up in the morning and find things have changed we will consider delaying our move for a day.

I'm particularly excited to be going to the beach after a storm as the shelling should be exceptional. All that churning washes up a lot of cool stuff on the beach. 

We have had a really fun time here in Virginia visiting with Karen and Charlie. 

Karen is one of Rob's old high school friends and Charlie is her husband. 

They are among the nicest people I've ever met. Their little dog Pippin was a great host to Murphy when we went to their home for a visit. 

It's always nice to meet new forever friends. 

When we were at the Jersey Shore last week I took a couple of photos of a piano that got washed away in Hurricane Sandy but was recovered after the storm. I found them fascinating but I forgot to post them.

I saw two pianos on the boardwalk but I'd bet there were more. I'm amazed this held together so well. 

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