Saturday, August 13, 2016

Moving Fast in the Little RV

Oh my goodness, where to begin? This is a long post so I'll throw in a few photos taken along the way. 
Utah sunset with smoke in the air.
We're in Wisconsin already.  A few days ago I went out to start the car and get it ready to tow and the EPS (electronic power steering) light was on. We checked with Honda and were told it was OK to continue towing the car.  

The next morning in Cheyenne, Wyoming, after a ton of online research I set out to try several remedies we found online. First I drove the car around the loop at the RV park and found there was no power steering at all. Next I cleaned the battery terminals, checked fuses, revved the engine for a specified period of time. Nothing worked. We resigned ourselves to the fact we had to take the car to the shop for repairs.  
Murphy cooling off after a long, hot travel day.

The area we were moving through when this happened is very high in altitude, mostly between six and eight thousand feet. With Rob's breathing issues at high altitudes we needed to move on.  The other issue we were having was the excessive the heat and humidity. We had temperatures over 100 degrees and one evening in Council Bluffs, Iowa the weather app showed 92 degrees but feels like 106. Step outside and you immediately need a shower. Yuck!

We decided to make tracks for a lower altitude, cooler place with a big Honda dealer. Milwaukee, Wisconsin here we come!

        We added Nebraska and Utah to our visited state map!

We arrived in Milwaukee on Friday morning. I had called the Honda shop and the said we could drop the car off and they'd take a look at is as soon as they were able.  I was worried there would not be enough space in a car dealership lot to pull the motorhome in and unhook the car but it worked out fine.  

We got the car dropped off and proceeded to look for a place to camp while we waited for the car.  We started making phone calls from the Honda dealer's lot and quickly discovered everything was completely booked for the weekend. The closest site we could find was about an hour north of Milwaukee at a state park. It's a beautiful area but they only have room for a night so we have to move today.  I'm not sure were we are going yet.

The Honda shop called last evening to give us an update.  It seems somewhere between Brigham City, Utah and Rock Springs, Wyoming we picked up a tiny hitchhiker in our car. This hitchhiker (a mouse) proceeded to chew through the wiring harness that powers our car's power steering. Of course they don't stock the wiring harness we need to they have ordered one and we get our car back on Tuesday. Crisis averted! Our 3 year 36,000 mile warranty expired about 6 weeks ago. The total cost of the repair will be $277. 
It could have been so much worse.

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