Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In the Dog House in the Little RV

We experienced excessive heat coming from engine into the driver and passenger areas of our motorhome during our travels in very hot weather. I wrote about that ultra fun experience here

We received our engine blanket insulation yesterday and promptly tore into the dog house to install it.  

Getting the cover off was easier than I thought. There are two screws in the bottom of the cup holders. They hold the tray on. I removed them, opened the clips on each side and slid the cover off.  

You can see there is no insulation around the inside of the green fiberglass edging and some of the insulation was just hanging from the bottom side. 

I discovered there was already insulation in the bottom side of the cover but it was fairly thin and not installed all the way to the edges. 

This photo was taken after we got the new insulation in place. The new stuff is 3/4" thick. It's also VERY sticky so getting it in the right spot before you let it touch is important. I made sure to leave enough to push it into the space behind the seal. 

I stuck my arm and camera down into the engine compartment to get this picture
showing the newly insulated area about six inches wide around the inside of the dog house base. 

We got it all sealed up and put back together but the test will be today when we take George to get his wheels aligned. We'll be able to tell if the engine noise is better. The heat test will be tomorrow when we move to our next stop. 

Last night I started my next project. I'm making blackout shades and curtains for the windows that don't already have them. It's another effort to keep it cooler in the Little RV. 


  1. Rob or Juley - I have a very random question for you - we just purchased a new Class A motorhome by coachmen yesterday. The engine cover does not have a drink caddy on it and when I googled images to look for something low profile to add on - a photo of your console caddy popped up. I was just curious if that was something you added on and if so - where did you get it. We need the tan neutral color as well. Hope you guys are doing well - looks like a fun blog!! Thanks if you can help provide any info about where your drink holder on the engine cover came from.

    Kevin Kyle
    Waco, TX

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