Monday, August 22, 2016

Getting to Know the Little RV Thoroughly

We are in between Lakes Huron and Michigan in St. Ignace, Michigan for four nights. We need get some things fixed and/or taken care of. Our trip so far has been plagued with annoying problems. Some have been self inflicted, some have not. 

I think part of the problems we have had are from the incredibly bumpy roads we have encountered along the way. 

After particularly bumpy travel days we tend to find broken things during set-up. Mostly they are just nuisance things but it takes time to fix them. 

It started with our clothing hanger bar in the bedroom closet completely pulling out of the ceiling. The upside; we did find this a prime opportunity to go through and weed out clothing we just don't need. I folded a lot of the clothes and put them in a stack in the closet. Rob's clothes can stay folded and he wants to leave them that way so I'll just install some light weight shelving to keep things in place. Many of my clothes need to be hung and I have been moving from place to place several times each day in order to function. 

I needed a solution for the closet that would allow me to hang my clothes and not have the bar pull out of the ceiling. I purchased some items at the hardware store the other day to take care of this problem. I screwed all of the parts together and installed it this afternoon. It's working great. Not the prettiest thing ever but very functional and it has some support from below to keep it where it belongs.

Our pantry has pull out drawers but the spacing between the walls and the rails is just a bit too large so occasionally one of the drawers will come off the tracks. One evening I opened the pantry to find two drawers just barely hanging on. I had to add some washers and larger screws to keep the drawers on the tracks. However there is another one that needs a repair now. 

We had the problem with the mouse chewing the wiring harness in our car and causing the power steering to fail. That's all fixed and the car is back in business. 

The unfortunate incident where we tried to level and put the slides out at the same time caused hours of sleuthing and even after I thought we had it all back in order I discovered our inverter was not working the other day. When we travel the inverter converts energy stored in the house batteries to regular 110 power to run our residential refrigerator. As it turns out that was all part of the same incident and there was another breaker that needed to be reset. 

I believe I spent a total of 10+ hours trying to figure it all out but now I know where all of these things are located and how to figure out what and where the problem is. It was all under the stairs the whole time. 

 We also have a section of the body on the exterior of the motorhome that is sticking out on the lower left corner. I noticed this the other day and crawled under the motorhome to see what was going on. 

This area is the exterior where the hot water heater is located. There is a bracket that holds the panel in place but one of the screws is sheared off at the head and the other is stripped and was just hanging in the bracket. 

There is almost no space in there for tools so I found some screws with a hex head so I could use a socket wrench to repair the problem. We checked that one off the list yesterday.

Here's one that has been plaguing me for months. The sewer connection for the back bathroom is inside a bay. However the opening for the hose is only a 4" opening. Each time I set up and tear down I have to dismantle the end of the sewer hose, put it through the opening and then reassemble it. What a nasty, dirty pain. Yesterday I installed a 5" access port. Now I can put the hose through easily and without taking it apart. I'll spare you the photos of that one but it's done too!

The thing is, as annoying and sometimes discouraging as these things are, each time something happens I learn so much and gain more confidence. Rob has been joking that I should become an RV repair person. No thanks! 

If you have an RV, do you know;

Where your converter, inverter, transfer relay switch(s), breakers, fuses and the like are located? 

We have a breaker panel and fuses inside and more outside. Do you? 

Do you know where they are located? 

Do you have extra fuses and a volt meter with you just in case? 

Maybe some extra washers and assorted screws for repairs?

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