Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Utah

We were up early this morning and decided to get on the road and head for Utah. We pulled out of the campground at about 9:15 am. We motored along until about noon when we pulled into a rest area. We had been seeing high wind warning signs and we could certainly feel the wind hitting the motorhome as we drove. 

We parked and Murphy and I went down the steps to take him for a potty break when a huge gust of wind pulled the door right out of my hand and pulled the strut right off the mounting. 
I had Murphy's leash in one hand and was trying to get the door shut but the rest of the strut was in the way. I finally managed to get the door shut and walk the dog. 

Once we got back I put Murphy inside with Rob, shut the door again and went to get a screwdriver so I could take the strut completely off. The drawer in the toolbox that holds the screwdrivers would not open. All of the other drawers worked fine but I still can't get that one drawer open and I have no idea why.

When I went back to the door with my battery powered screwdriver the door would only open about three inches. Rob and Murphy were trapped inside and I was stuck outside. We discovered the end of the stupid strut was stuck in the door frame and wouldn't come out. Rob and I tried several tools to pry it loose but nothing worked until I found my handy, dandy mini pry bar. Rob was able to get the strut out of the frame and the door opened. 

We still had the problem of the strut hanging from the door and I needed to remove it so we could be on our way. Rob had to hold the door because of the high wind gusts while I tried to get the other end of the strut free without a screwdriver. Finally I was able to get the clip off with a pair of needle nose pliers. The strut came free!

I put all of the tools back and locked the bays. When I tried to get back inside the wind was so bad I had to hold onto the door and the door frame to keep from being pulled off the stairs. When there was a break in the wind, I manged to get the door shut. The whole event was completely ridiculous from beginning to end. 

We were able to get back on the road an hour and twenty minutes later. This evening we are in Brigham City, Utah, safe and sound. I have repaired the door and it's working just fine. 

We did notice an improvement in the handling of the Little RV after the wheel alignment. I think we still have a heat problem but we'll get that worked out eventually.  


  1. High winds are not good. Sure glad you could finally get back inside with the door shut. You done good, gal!!

    1. Ah thanks Dizzy! The strut is stripped and we need a new one. We should be in Cheyenne, Wyoming tomorrow. Maybe I can find one there.