Saturday, July 2, 2016

Campground Hopscotch and a Sick Puppy in the Little RV

Because our time here in the Portland was unexpected we didn't have any reservations. Of course being the busy summer season it hasn't been easy to find campsites. We started out in Stevenson, Washington for three weeks. 
I wrote about that campground here. It was the only place we could get on such short notice but in the end we loved it there. 

After our time was up in Stevenson we moved to Fairview RV park just east of Portland off I-84. 

It was much closer to everything and very nice with large grassy areas and it was so clean. 

Last Tuesday we moved to Vancouver, WA into a fairly depressing park. The photo below is of our site and the view from our door.

This park is mostly long-term campers with mostly gravel surfaces and very little grass. Our closest neighbors are in a tiny class C that has seen better days. There are five people (four adults and one child) and four dogs. I can't even imagine. 

The woman who works in the office is exceptionally nice and helpful. Her demeanor goes a long way toward making up for what is lacking in this park. In my mind what is lacking is grass. Grass would make all the difference.

All the while we've been in the area we have been spending some afternoons at my daughter's house. We sit out in the back yard while the kids and dogs play. We also eat lunch and snacks outside. 

Murphy has managed to snap up lots of tasty bites dropped on the ground or shared from tiny hands. Unfortunately, he is suffering from distress to the lower tract. Poor guy is feeling pretty nasty. He woke me up twice last night because he needed to go outside. 

We are feeding him small, frequent, bland meals and some medication to help with the inflammation. Hopefully he'll be better in time for summer camp. 

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