Sunday, July 31, 2016

We're Melting!... in the Little RV

We began out trip on Thursday departing Portland and arriving in La Grande, Oregon about 4:00 PM. As we moved east the temperatures increased. The highest temperature we saw was 99 degrees. 

Most of our travel with George has been in Fall, Winter and Spring so we have never experienced this heat while on the move. I was completely unprepared.

About two hours into our trip we noticed it was getting mighty hot in the front of the motorhome. I was feeling heat radiating from the engine compartment in front of my legs and the dog house which is immediately above the engine.  We have a gas motorhome and the engine is in the front. 

After we stopped and set-up I noticed the tile flooring around the dog house was also so hot I couldn't stand on it in my bare feet. Poor Murphy lays on his bed right in front of the dog house while we are traveling and he was pretty miserable too.

After we got all set-up and settled in I started looking online for help with this problem. I discovered we are not alone. I went to the Forest River Owners Group forums and found this is a common problem.  One owner solved it by insulating the inside of the dog house and the surrounding area with an engine blanket. This is the one he used.

When I opened the latches on the dog house I wasn't able to see much because part of the dash has to be removed before it can be opened fully. I did see there is some insulation in there but it doesn't go to the edges and there is nothing around the fiberglass lip inside. I ordered one of the engine blankets and it is scheduled to arrive on Monday. My hope is the additional insulation will make the drive cooler and more comfortable. Dare we hope for quieter?  

The installation will be a process because I have to take part of the dash apart to get the dog house all the way open and install the insulation. 

The campground in La Grande was wide open and beautifully kept. Murphy enjoyed the grass very much.

We arrived in Caldwell, Idaho yesterday greeted by a temperature of 101 degrees! Miserably hot if you ask me. Even Murphy was a bit listless. They have an off leash dog park here at the RV park so Murphy can run and play with other dogs. He loves it.

We'll be here for four nights because we have an appointment for a wheel alignment on Tuesday in Boise.  

Wednesday we test the steering and the anti-heat measures. Wish us luck!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

And We're Off in the Little RV

Today is the day!! We depart this morning for our long awaited trip to everywhere. I have only planned approximate stops for the first third of the trip but the plan is Oregon to Connecticut, Connecticut to Marathon, Florida and back here again, eventually.  
We've been busy getting all of our checklist items done. We hooked up the new tire pressure monitoring system last night. Those are a great item of you don't have one yet you should think about it. This is the one we got. 

I'll let you know how it works in a later post. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Making the Little RV Floors Shine

George, our 2015 Forest River, Georgetown has white tile in the living area and both bathrooms. We also have white grout. I love the tile! It's so easy to keep clean and always looks great. The grout, not so much. 

We've been living in George for nearly a year and with Murphy, our pup, away at board and train it's time to tackle some of those bigger jobs like cleaning the grout. 

It did a lot of reading trying to figure out what works well for cleaning white grout and found so many different options. There is a grout cleaner by Zep that was highly recommended but it just didn't work well for me. I also tried hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar and baking soda. 

This worked wonders for me. I does have bleach in it so make sure you get some good air circulation going before you begin. 

I simply ran a small bead of cleaner along the grout lines, scrubbed with a tooth brush let it sit for a couple of minutes, and wiped it away. 

After I was finished I mopped the whole floor, let it dry and applied grout sealer to the grout. Hopefully I won't have to do it again any time soon. 

It sure looks great though!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Camping with the Family and Missing Murphy in the Little RV

The other day we moved to a state park in Oregon. We are about 40 miles east of Portland, Oregon. 

We chose a state park so my daughter and her family could come and tent camp along with us.  We got a huge site with full hook-ups.

Here they are all crammed into their car, on their way with a ton of camping gear and big smiles!

There was a dog in that car too. Waffle!

It was this little guy's first camping trip. He's nearly 6 months old. 
What's the best part of camping? The campfire and S'mores!

For some reason Rob and I never have campfires. I think we've only had two since we started full-timing four years ago. When we do we wonder why we don't. It's so much fun. 

It was cloudy part of the first day but it cleared up toward evening. The glowing red tent made going to sleep really hard for the little ones.
Tiny took a break from bike riding to eat a S'more.

On their last morning we all woke up to rain! The big kids came inside to watch cartoons with Grammie and Grampie. 
A very rare moment with Tiny, she actually sat on my lap. She's usually way to busy to visit. 

Camden spent a lot of time playing with some of the other kids in the campground. He had a great time but I didn't get many photos. His mom got this one while he was scarfing down his dinner. 

We had a great time and would love to do it again when we are back from our upcoming trip.

Murphy is still at board and train lovingly referred to as summer camp. He's doing well. I get a video of training and what he has accomplished every evening. I'm impressed! I sure miss him. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Little RV Learns About Tae Kwon Do

So this guy is our second oldest grandson, Camden, who takes Tae Kwon Do classes and really enjoys them. 
Today Camden had testing for a belt upgrade. Although I'm sure that's not what they call it. 

Before testing he had a white belt with a yellow stripe. He also had lots of other little stripes on one side from testing and passing previous tests.  

Grampie and I packed up early this morning to watch him earn his yellow belt. 

First they ran through a list of questons about Tae Kwon Do and the students must answer them correctly. 
Then students must demonstrate several forms depending on the color belt they are working toward. 

After forms they spar with a partner. The younger students are not allowed to make contact with each other.
It's quite a process. Board breaking is next. 
Once they finish testing they have to sit quietly on the floor while the other belt levels test. 

He passed!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Campground Hopscotch and a Sick Puppy in the Little RV

Because our time here in the Portland was unexpected we didn't have any reservations. Of course being the busy summer season it hasn't been easy to find campsites. We started out in Stevenson, Washington for three weeks. 
I wrote about that campground here. It was the only place we could get on such short notice but in the end we loved it there. 

After our time was up in Stevenson we moved to Fairview RV park just east of Portland off I-84. 

It was much closer to everything and very nice with large grassy areas and it was so clean. 

Last Tuesday we moved to Vancouver, WA into a fairly depressing park. The photo below is of our site and the view from our door.

This park is mostly long-term campers with mostly gravel surfaces and very little grass. Our closest neighbors are in a tiny class C that has seen better days. There are five people (four adults and one child) and four dogs. I can't even imagine. 

The woman who works in the office is exceptionally nice and helpful. Her demeanor goes a long way toward making up for what is lacking in this park. In my mind what is lacking is grass. Grass would make all the difference.

All the while we've been in the area we have been spending some afternoons at my daughter's house. We sit out in the back yard while the kids and dogs play. We also eat lunch and snacks outside. 

Murphy has managed to snap up lots of tasty bites dropped on the ground or shared from tiny hands. Unfortunately, he is suffering from distress to the lower tract. Poor guy is feeling pretty nasty. He woke me up twice last night because he needed to go outside. 

We are feeding him small, frequent, bland meals and some medication to help with the inflammation. Hopefully he'll be better in time for summer camp.