Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Peaceful Place to Escape Near the Little RV

We're still hanging out in the incredibly noisy campground but we have come to love it here. Just down the hill from our campsite we discovered an incredibly beautiful and peaceful haven. 

After my last post Murphy and I went exploring. We walk, it's what we do. We are able to walk through the RV park, down the hill and across the really scary railroad tracks to the Columbia River. The trains that run through here go FAST and there is a limited line of sight. Needless to say we are very careful when we cross. 

There are several coves down there with benches and picnic tables. Last weekend it was 99 degrees but so nice and cool down by the river in the shade. 

We've seen barges, a stern-wheeler and even deer on our trips to the river. 

At first Murphy wasn't too sure about the lapping water on shore but once he got braver he enjoyed the water. 

The little town of Stevenson is just about a mile away and also has a riverside park. It's much easier for Rob to access the river from there. 

We went there one day to watch the wind surfers and enjoy the other sights.

It's a long haul to my daughter's house in Portland but we drive in every few days. It's great to spend time with them. 

Rob finally got to meet River for the first time. That's our son-in-law Ryan grilling burgers the background.

I spent another afternoon with Christina, Clementine and River. We did a little shopping and spent some time outside playing in the back yard. Murphy loves to go visit and play with their dog, Waffle. 
Camden with his Taekwondo medals

Christina's oldest, Camden has been visiting my parents for the past few days. We're looking forward to seeing him when he comes home today. 

We have to keep the doors and windows closed to keep the sound to a tolerable level but we'll be here in this noisy little campground for a couple more weeks then we move to Vancouver, WA.

Friday, June 3, 2016

We Have an Unhappy Camper in the Little RV

Murphy doesn't care much for our new camping spot. Frankly we don't either.
We arrived here on Tuesday after finishing our repairs in Junction City, Oregon. We are just on the Washington side of the Columbia River. If you're not familiar with the area, the Columbia is the boarder between Oregon and Washington State. Think Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark, Sturgeon fishing. Think BIG, HUGE. This area is also wild, rugged and a major shipping corridor. 

I always check the campgrounds we plan to stay in before I book but sometimes, no matter how much you research, you get a lemon.  I use RVParkreviews, Google Earth and All Stays to see what we're getting. Unfortunately you can't hear sounds with those apps. 

We arrived after a white-knuckle drive on Hwy 14 from Vancouver, WA. 

The only other way to get here is from the Oregon side over the Bridge of the Gods. My online research suggested the bridge wasn't a good idea due to it's size and ours. In fact, it would have been fine and much less stressful than Hwy 14 was. 

We located the campground and pulled in. We had hoped to nose into our site but we were unable to reach the hook-ups that way so we had to turn around thus losing the panoramic view of the Columbia River from inside.

It's a beautiful campground with just one problem. It's incredibly close to the railroad tracks and Hwy 14. In the picture below I'm standing on our stairs and you can see the orange train engines behind us. 
See the train in the background, it's orange.
The tracks are heavily used and carry long, long trains with many engines both pulling and pushing. They move fast and are very loud. 

In the above picture Hwy 14 is within 100' of our little home. I'm standing in the same place, on our stairs and you can see the guardrail above us. The speed limit here is 55 and it's got heavy truck traffic. 

Basically, it's really LOUD here. Beautiful but loud and Murphy is very nervous. He's adjusting but slowly. 

We were going to move to a different campground. I spent Wednesday looking for another campground but anywhere within driving distance of Portland they are all booked so here we stay. 

So, we have now embraced this beautiful, deafening campground and had some great walks. Murphy is loosening up a bit. I even got the BBQ out last night. 

It's supposed to be 98 degrees on Sunday. Perfect weather to keep the windows and door closed and the AC on and the noise out. We'll resume our nature walks after the heat subsides. Hopefully I'll get some great photos to share.