Friday, May 27, 2016

Post (almost) Repair Report for the Little RV

We arrived in Junction City, Oregon last Saturday. We had an appointment for repairs on Monday morning at 8 am. These repairs were supposed to be done in February but we had to reschedule due to Rob's hospital stay. 

The circumstances surrounding this trip have been frustrating to say the least. I thought I had all of our ducks in a row but they just wouldn't stay put. 
Since we had to move out of the Little RV we needed to arrive here with enough time to prepare several days food since Rob's must keep to a very strict low sodium diet. So the plan was to arrive Saturday, shop, cook and pack on Sunday and move into the motel on Sunday evening. I had arranged for a ground floor room so could get in and out easily with copious amounts of food and medial equipment. Not to mention the dog's stuff. We also had no idea how long we'd be at the motel. That was the plan...

On Saturday morning when I put the large living room slide in (the one we have been having trouble with) just prior to leaving one of the big, corner trim medallions was torn loose and fell to the floor. 

Poor Murphy got sick on the way down here and threw up on his bed resulting in an offensive odor for the remainder of the day. 

Our JetPack, used for our internet access, died on Saturday afternoon.

Our Dish receiver, used for our satellite service also died on Saturday afternoon. 
Sunset over the Church where
the campground is located.

Sunday morning I got groceries and started preparing our food for the week. Knowing we had a mini fridge and microwave in our room I made sure I packed things well and tried to keep it all as compact as possible. I also started packing whatever I could to be ready to move to the room when we checked in. Unfortunately when I went to the office to check into our room they had put us on the second floor, with no elevator access. There was no way that was going to work so we stayed in the motorhome overnight and got up in time to shower, pack, close up the motorhome, hitch the car and make it to the dealer by 8 am. We arrived at 8:01. Close enough!

After some false starts we finally left the motorhome with the body shop so they could make a small adjustment to the slide trim to make it close properly and stop making that alarming thump every time we open and close it. Around noon we were able to check into the motel and get settled. 
Behind the Church and campground
along the river.

Our appointment with the service department was scheduled for Tuesday at 8 am. Our list of repairs was fairly long and included replacing the exploding sink and the door damaged by the glass, locating our elusive leak and inspection for water damage, issues with our stove burners and replacing the cracked grout in our tile floor. We also had our first routine service done. Now we're ready to leave in August. 

While we were waiting for everything to be repaired we replaced the JetPack and our satellite receiver. 

Update: It's Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend and we are back in the Little RV. It's good to be back in our little home. I can tell Murphy is happy. 

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