Thursday, May 12, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy in the Little RV

Since I completely missed posting the entire month of April I thought I'd let everyone know how things are going these days.  

Murphy had his 1st birthday in April. He's grown up to be a big boy at 70 lbs. He's got about 20 more to put on before he's finished. 

Murphy loves to carry a stick or piece of bark while we are walking and the bigger the better.

He's turning out to be a great addition to our little family. Murphy has never met a human or dog he didn't instantly fall in love with and he's always so happy. A few weeks ago, during one of his more excited moments on a walk he accidentally tripped me and I still have sore ribs from a hard fall on the asphalt street. He's very strong and likes to jump on people but we are working on those behaviors.  

Rob and I went to see the tulip fields last month. We opted for a closer and less crowded area this year. It's a small nursery near Mossyrock, Washington. It was a gray day but the tulips did not disappoint.  

We have finally found the time and energy to get organized. This is an ongoing process when you live in such a small space but with everything that has happened in the past year it's been overwhelming to say the least. 

When we traded our 5th wheel for the motor home in August we moved directly from one to the other in the dealer's parking lot. 

The temperatures were in the high 90s and we didn't have much time so the move happened fast and our packing and sorting was not particularly a quality job. 

I've been planning to go through EVERYTHING inside, sort and reorganize and I'm happy to say other than a few odds and ends that is done. I've already emptied the basement and cleaned and sorted most of the contents. I still need to finish that up and plan to do it over the next few days. Since organize is my middle name, that will feel really good. Sometimes it's just nice to be in control of something.

Next week we're heading to Oregon to get some warranty work done on the motor home. We were scheduled to have it done in February but had to cancel due to Rob's hospital stay. One bonus to heading south is I get a chance to visit my daughter and her family. That makes for a happy Grammie. 
Rob is doing very well. His kidney's are able to function on their own well enough to avoid dialysis for now. He's holding his own and is able to enjoy life again. The weather is getting better and walking outside has been great for him. He needs to have lab work monthly so we'll work that out so we can keep up during travel times. 

We're working on little improvements to the RV. There are two particularly annoying things that need fixed. The water inlet used to flush the black (sewer) tank is cheap and all plastic with no check valve. When I disconnect the hose after flushing the black tanks at least a quart of (clean) water pours out of the fitting into the bay below. It's always a wet, dirty mess in those two bays so I replaced both valves with good quality brass fittings that have check valves. That should make life much easier. 

The other really dumb thing is the cabinet above the kitchen sink. The cabinet is a good size but there is only one shelf about 6" deep and almost useless. Unless you have a collection of really tall vases the rest of the space is wasted. 

I'm installing another shelf which should make the cabinet much more functional. 

Of course our next big trip is just around the corner. We're planning to leave in mid August and head east. We'll be visiting Rob's girls in Connecticut before heading south for our Florida stay over the winter. We are so looking forward to this trip. 


  1. Glad to see your post and hear Rob is doing so much better. That was sure a difficult season last year, but sounds like things are much brighter now. Enjoy your spring and summer.

    1. Thanks Donna, I'm glad Rob is able to continue our travels. It sure gives both of us something to look forward to.