Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Change of Plans in the Little RV - Because changing plans is what we do.

Last post I said we would be here in Olympia until mid August and that was the plan, until the plan changed. We had a couple of opportunities come up in the Portland area so we asked our landlord if he would be willing to allow us to break our lease and he agreed. 

We are scheduled to have work done on the motorhome near Eugene, Oregon starting Monday the 23rd. We are going to drive down on this Saturday. On Sunday we'll get moved into our motel room for a couple of days. Some of the work requires us to vacate our little home. After the work is done we'll head back up to the Portland area.

I really struggled to find a place for us to stay in the area. It's spring and summer is coming. Everyone is booked for long term stays. Yesterday I must have made 25 calls to different RV parks but had no luck. Today I decided to look just over the border in Washington and struck gold! 
Check out the view!

I'm pretty excited about this place. It's beautiful and our site overlooks the Columbia River. We have a reservation for three weeks and we'll figure out what to do after that.  The downside, it's 40 miles to my daughter's house in Portland. 

Another thing crossed off the list today is training for Murphy. He's really very well behaved for his age but there are a few things we need to get a handle on. I found a trainer in Portland who can work us into her schedule. We are going to do a two week board and train. The trainer actually takes the dog into their home and works with them for two solid weeks. They have a lifetime guaranty at any of their training centers in the US. It's not cheap but after his training I am told I'll be able to let him go off leash and have perfect recall. I'll let you know how it goes. Shhhh, we're going to tell him he's going to summer camp.


  1. Looks like a beautiful site! Tango went to not summer camp, but boot camp for 2+ weeks 10 years ago. Our trainer was wonderful and he did a great job. He learned a lot of basic skills. We worked very hard on recall. He never generalized outside of a structured setting. But, Tango is very special and we keep him protected from all the things that scare him into his craziness. The lifetime guarantee is the key! Murphy will be a star student! I can tell! Your plans will all fall into place. Hugs!

    1. Sandy, I sure hope they can train us too. I know we are part of the training success. I'm sure Murphy will do just fine. I'm am having some anxiety about letting my baby go live with someone else for two weeks. I'll miss him.

  2. Beautiful picture of the lake! Absolutely stunning view, thanks for the share.