Saturday, March 12, 2016

Miracles do Happen In the Little RV

Last time I posted I wrote about our visit with Rob's kidney doctor and how he told us Rob may be able to get off dialysis. 

Today is day 8 with no dialysis.  Rob's been in for lab tests every day and we are carefully checking his weight daily to make sure he is not hanging on to any fluids. It's a balancing act between diet, medication, and very careful monitoring. We don't want puffy! Puffy is a very bad thing.

We go back in for more lab testing on Monday and unless something goes terribly wrong, he'll be done with dialysis for now. Rob's kidneys are currently functioning at between 20 and 25% which is enough if you're careful. 

Hopefully, once we get the all clear, he can have the dialysis port removed from his chest and can take a full shower. I'm sure he'll appreciate that. 

Murph and I have been keeping busy chauffeuring daddy and walking and walking and collecting sticks. 

And, just because I can, here's a photo of our newest Grandson, River who is about 6 weeks old now.