Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Making Travel Plans in the Little RV

Rob is going on three weeks with no dialysis. Yay! Since it seems we have been given a reprieve we have decided to plan a trip for Fall and Winter. 

Some of our family and friends don't understand why we would want to leave the safety of our doctors, medical plan and familiar surroundings. It's hard to explain but sitting here, inside with the same old view day after day is just depressing. We are on wheels so why not do what we can to enjoy life so we'll carefully uproot ourselves and make the best of things.

Of course we plan to go and visit family on the East Coast.  In our previous travels we never made it the the Florida Keys but really wanted to see them. 

We have this lot leased through August so if we leave on September 1st, it gives us two months to make it to our first reservation in Marathon, Florida on November 1st. We will be spending the entire Month in an RV site ON the very edge of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the site we have reserved. I'm so ready to go now. 

On December 1st we'll move to the West Palm Beach area and spend Christmas with Rob's mom, sister, brother and their families. On January 1st we'll head for the West Coast of Florida and spend a month in Bonita Springs. That is near Sanibel and Captiva Islands where I fell in love with shelling and I can't wait to go there again. 
I'm also pretty excited to take Murphy to the beach. I think he'll love it. 

Lest you think we have forgotten about Rob's tenuous medical condition and are throwing caution to the winds. We have an emergency back-up plan just in case. I purchased a membership in a plan that airlifts critically ill patients to the hospital of our choice. 

You get one airlift per year and there are no pre-exisiting exclusions if you are under age 75, and no cost or distance limits. Knowing if something happens I can get him transported back home to his regular doctors and healthcare is very comforting. 

The rest of the trip is completely up in the air. We have a lot of planning to do but that's a big part of the fun. Of course anything could happen over the next 5 months but we're hoping for the best. 

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  1. So glad to see you two making plans once again - not to mention the fact that you are coming to the east coast again!! I'll look forward to meeting up with you somewhere along the line - - time for a nose-to-nose meeting with my newest oldest friend and her hubby, who is officially my oldest friend!!! <3