Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The New Normal in the Little RV

Last Saturday Rob was discharged from the hospital. I took him home to the Little RV and then packed up and made tracks for Olympia.  I was to take him to a skilled nursing facility for admission the same day. I'll spare you the details of that day. 
Murphy and Rob having a lovefest after
he returned from the hospital
We arrived in Olympia in the early afternoon. I had decided to park at one of the casinos overnight and move to our semi-permanent site the next day. We got Rob admitted and settled in and I headed back to the casino. 

Sunday morning I moved to the park where I have rented a lot for 6 months. After being shown to our site and getting the Little RV parked on our site I set up the utilities. 
Our new digs for the next few months.

After setting up Murphy and I went for a walk. He was so excited to be back here at Lost Lake. 
Our view

There are still a few things to get settled here like getting a key to the storage shed. We purchased a sleep number bed a few months ago and it just wasn't working for Rob so we replaced it. I had the sleep number bed in the passenger seat of the motorhome but had to move it before we left Portland. The only place I had room for it was in our car. It's still in our car and it takes up most of the extra space. I'm hoping to move it to the storage shed when I get a key. Hopefully I can sell the bed soon and get it out of my hair. 

Rob is working hard to get stronger so he can come home soon. We had our first outpatient dialysis appointment on Monday night. Getting Rob there and back to the facility was quite a fiasco but I am optimistic it will get easier. 

Yesterday a friend in the park invited us to meet her and her pup Brutus at the dog park. Brutus is a Bernese Mountain Dog. I think she said he is 7 months old now. They had a great time playing at the park. I'll close with a few photos of them frolicking in the mud. 

 Such an abundance of happiness! Don't tell anyone but I like to play in the mud and dirt too. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Still Up in the Air in the Little RV

...and we're waiting, and waiting for a release date. Rob is still in the hospital and continues to improve while having dialysis. There have been some hiccoughs but for the most part we're getting our ducks in a row. 

The dialysis port he had surgically installed on Monday is not working very well. It has a slow flow rate and it's bothering him. It's in his chest and runs up and into his neck. He can feel it when he swallows and is causing some feelings of claustrophobia. They are debating placing a different port before letting him go. We should know more about that today.

We are working with case managers here in Portland and back at home in Washington to set up a regular dialysis appointment. The first appointment time they gave us was on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 PM until 2 AM. 

That's at 9 in the evening until 2 in the morning three nights a week. I was speechless if you can imagine. Not only would dialysis take over his life but completely change our daily lives to the point of sleeping during the day and being up all night. As if having to use a machine to stay alive weren't difficult enough. 

Yesterday we were given a new appointment time of 5:45 PM until 9:45 PM which is much better but I am still hoping for something during normal business hours and will continue to pursue a better time. 

The medical team here has recommended Rob be released to a Skilled Nursing Facility for a week or two before he comes home. He's weak and needs some physical therapy. He has agreed to go so after he is released we will move up to Washington and he will check into the facility (I think). There is a possibility we will stay here for skilled nursing then move in a couple of weeks. 

More to come!

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Turning Point for the Little RV

As I write this I am sitting in the surgery waiting area while Rob has a port placed in his chest to allow for dialysis.  His kidney's have finally failed. Last Sunday he was admitted through the emergency room for his congestive heart failure (CHF). His lungs were filling with fluid and making it very difficult to breathe. Over the last 8 days he's been pretty miserable. What we didn't know is aside from his CHF his kidneys had basically stopped producing urine and moving the fluids out of his system. 

If all goes well in surgery today he will start dialysis today and have it for three consecutive days. The plan is Thursday he should be released from the hospital, Friday he should have outpatient dialysis locally and on Sunday we will move back to Washington. He will have dialysis three times a week from now on. 

We are planning to switch him to home dialysis after he is stabilized so we can continue our travels. We have so many more places to go. 

I am particularly hopeful he will feel better without all of those nasty toxins in his system. 

In case you're wondering, we're in Oregon. We were here awaiting the birth of our 7th grandchild who arrived on January 31st.  His name is River and he just couldn't wait to meet his new family so he came 8 days early. 

Rob hasn't met him yet but hopefully this week we can arrange something. He's a keeper. 

Our pup Murphy is doing well. 
He's nearly 11 months old and he's a big boy, nearly 70 lbs. He's been great for Rob when he's been feeling down. Murphy is a lap dog and he loves to climb up and snuggle with daddy. 
I've managed to rent another lot in the same resort where we generally stay in Olympia. This time we even have a storage shed.  Talk about luxury!  It's going to be a good place for Rob to rehab and get his strength back. 

I'll try to do a better job of keeping up with the blog from here on out.