Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yellowstone National Park via the Little RV

We made it to Yellowstone Friday afternoon and got set up in our new campground. It's a very nice campground with large spaces and being so late in the season there aren't many campers here. 

We got up really early Saturday morning but not because we wanted to. Eventually we decided to get in the car and drive into the park sans showers and breakfast. We missed the sunrise but the light was beautiful.
Madison River
Yellowstone Lake

We spent about 5 hours in the park. It was a gorgeous day and you'll be happy to know Murphy didn't get carsick at all. He's becoming quite a good little traveler. 
The entire time in the park we didn't see a single animal until we were just a couple of miles from the exit. Then we saw this...
Fly fishing with elk

I love fall.

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