Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our First Trip in the New Little RV

We've been wanting to make a trip somewhere as soon as Rob was released by his doctors to travel. His release date happened to coincide with Clementine's (one of our granddaughters) second birthday.  

We think we have enough time to make a trip to Yellowstone and be back in time for our appointment for warranty work at the RV dealer in Oregon on the 22nd. 

First stop, Troutdale, Oregon. We had a great trip down and absolutely no problems. We celebrated a birthday with this girl who is in love with Hello Kitty! 
Clementine and her Mommy, Christina

A couple of days later they came to visit us and brought big brother, Camden. Camden and Murphy became fast friends.
Camden and Murphy

After a few days is was time to say goodbye and head east toward Montana. 
We started out Monday morning along the Columbia Gorge and within a few minutes we realized we had not secured the doors on our swanky refrigerator. Oops! After we found a place to stop we discovered the slide rail on one side of the freezer drawer was stuck open and we couldn't close the freezer all the way and we still had 250 miles left to drive.
Along the Columbia Gorge

We needed to get to a place where we could park and put the slide out so we could work on the freezer. Down the road a few miles we found a large truck parking area.
The culprit
After about two hours of internet research, phone calls, manual perusing, and just plain elbow grease we discovered the drawer slide had hyper-extended and we had to pry two metal tabs apart in order to get the mechanism back in place. I think it was about 1:20 in the afternoon before we were able to put the food back in the freezer and get back on our way. 

We managed to get to Pendleton, Oregon before I'd had enough driving for the day and wanted to stop for the night. 
TeePees at the campground
We camped at the Wildhorse Casino RV Park. There are TeePees near the entry and you can spend the night in them. 
Beautiful campground sunset

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  1. Very cool. I've always wanted to go to Oregon, especially Portland. It seems like such a fun, beautiful and quirky place to live. How is living in an RV? It's kind of fascinating to me and I think I may want to try it one day. But then I think of being cooped up in a small space for days at a time and I really think my husband and kids would drive me mad. LOL.

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV