Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shake Down Cruise Complete in the Little RV

The last few days have been, um, interesting. We left Yellowstone a day early because the altitude and oxygen situation were taking a toll on Rob. We decided to make our way back across Idaho and Oregon to our warranty repairs appointment via Painted Hills National Monument. 

It seems nobody has ever heard of Painted Hills. I can see why after driving there. It is truly in the middle of nowhere.
Drove from yellow circle on the right to
yellow circle on the left vial the
red marker in the middle of nowhere.

The weather was a bit soggy and bleak. 

During this trip our new motorhome and car were each named. Have you ever seen the old video footage of the Hindenburg just before it exploded? It lumbers slowly around in the sky. When I'm driving the motorhome it feels like that looks. 
First sighting

The suspension or whatever holds it all in place just doesn't work so the whole thing just kind of slowly leans one way then the other. When it's windy or the roads are bad it's a bit difficult to keep it between the lines. Therefore, I have named her The Hindenburg. We are researching ways to improve this problem. 

We named the car Carla. She's cute, perky and follows along behind the Hindenburg nicely but when you drive her she gets on your last nerve (my sciatic nerve). I used to know a woman named Carla who was very similar in nature. 

Lest you think we don't like our new home and car, we do. However, I have to see the humor in my life wherever it presents itself. Carla and the Hindenburg are prime examples. 

The drive to Painted Hills was all two lane highway and there were a lot of mountainous ups and downs. The Hindenburg has a gas motor and it's a bit light in the power department. We drug poor Carla up and down the mountains using our emergency flashers on the up parts because we were so slow. Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of traffic out there. There were also a lot of slow vehicle turn outs. 

We wanted to arrive around 4:00 in the afternoon for the best light. 
Waiting patiently for us to return.

By the time we pulled in, unhooked the car and drove into the very small park we were right on time. 

There is nowhere to camp with hookups within 40 miles of Painted Hills so we knew we needed to move on after seeing the park so we could get hooked up to electric for the night. We saw a really great boondocking site near the park but we would have had to run the generator all night in order to run Rob's oxygen machine. Those are the times we wish we had solar power. 
We finished our park visit, hooked the car back up and headed toward Prineville, Oregon. We arrived after dark but we did OK finding the RV park and getting set up. 
Murphy enjoyed the park too.

We now have an extensive list of issues for our repair appointment on Thursday. Nothing is really major fortunately. It will be nice to use our furnace without listening to the screeching intake fan. 
Close up view of the hills.

Rob is getting his new passenger seat installed today. It reclines and has heat and massage. He'll be much more comfortable with his feet up and it will decrease his foot and leg pain when we are traveling. 

On a side note. After we arrived at the campground Monday night I  was setting things up and found the remote control for our bathroom fan in the toilet. When we had the fans installed they mounted the control in a holder directly above the toilet. Poor placement I'd say. It's not working quite right and may have to be replaced. ;-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yellowstone National Park, Photo Essay

We spent another day touring Yellowstone. Again the animals were scarce but the scenery was amazing as always. There is no snow this year, even on the highest peaks. I'll share some of my favorite photos from the park.

Fall colors in Yellowstone

Beautiful views from over
10,000 feet elevation.


This looks like a great place to spot
a moose but there were none.

Remains of a fire from a previous year.

This big guy was bugling and
surrounded by his lady friends.
Taken in Mammoth Hot
Springs area at dusk.
Rob is having a hard time with his breathing at these altitudes so we're going to get out of here and find lower digs. The altitudes in the park are as high as 10,000 feet. We were interested to find out what the elevations would do to his lungs and breathing. Now we know.
Finally! We are finished riding in the
car looking at trees and stuff.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yellowstone National Park via the Little RV

We made it to Yellowstone Friday afternoon and got set up in our new campground. It's a very nice campground with large spaces and being so late in the season there aren't many campers here. 

We got up really early Saturday morning but not because we wanted to. Eventually we decided to get in the car and drive into the park sans showers and breakfast. We missed the sunrise but the light was beautiful.
Madison River
Yellowstone Lake

We spent about 5 hours in the park. It was a gorgeous day and you'll be happy to know Murphy didn't get carsick at all. He's becoming quite a good little traveler. 
The entire time in the park we didn't see a single animal until we were just a couple of miles from the exit. Then we saw this...
Fly fishing with elk

I love fall.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our First Trip in the New Little RV

We've been wanting to make a trip somewhere as soon as Rob was released by his doctors to travel. His release date happened to coincide with Clementine's (one of our granddaughters) second birthday.  

We think we have enough time to make a trip to Yellowstone and be back in time for our appointment for warranty work at the RV dealer in Oregon on the 22nd. 

First stop, Troutdale, Oregon. We had a great trip down and absolutely no problems. We celebrated a birthday with this girl who is in love with Hello Kitty! 
Clementine and her Mommy, Christina

A couple of days later they came to visit us and brought big brother, Camden. Camden and Murphy became fast friends.
Camden and Murphy

After a few days is was time to say goodbye and head east toward Montana. 
We started out Monday morning along the Columbia Gorge and within a few minutes we realized we had not secured the doors on our swanky refrigerator. Oops! After we found a place to stop we discovered the slide rail on one side of the freezer drawer was stuck open and we couldn't close the freezer all the way and we still had 250 miles left to drive.
Along the Columbia Gorge

We needed to get to a place where we could park and put the slide out so we could work on the freezer. Down the road a few miles we found a large truck parking area.
The culprit
After about two hours of internet research, phone calls, manual perusing, and just plain elbow grease we discovered the drawer slide had hyper-extended and we had to pry two metal tabs apart in order to get the mechanism back in place. I think it was about 1:20 in the afternoon before we were able to put the food back in the freezer and get back on our way. 

We managed to get to Pendleton, Oregon before I'd had enough driving for the day and wanted to stop for the night. 
TeePees at the campground
We camped at the Wildhorse Casino RV Park. There are TeePees near the entry and you can spend the night in them. 
Beautiful campground sunset