Thursday, August 27, 2015

A New Addition to the Little RV

Hello, my name is Murphy. 

I adopted my new mom and dad a couple of weeks ago. I am a Goldendoodle which is a fabulous mixture of Golden Retriever and Poodle. 

I am 4 months old. I'm gonna be a really big boy. Mom says about 90 pounds. My feet are huge and I need to grow into them. 
I love to eat raw carrots and today I learned what watermelon is. Yummy! 

When I go for walks I like to find a stick and carry it in my mouth all the way home. Yep, I'm gonna be that dog. Here I am with today's stick.

Mom and dad say I'm really smart. I am learning really fast already and I get to go to puppy school soon. 

This is an action shot of me killin' my bed.

Oh, one more thing... I get really car sick. Now that I am a full time traveler, that might be a problem.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Meet the New Little RV

Well, it's done. We traded our old Little RV and truck in for a new Class A motorhome and SUV as a tow vehicle. We feel like we got a reasonable trade and a good interest rate. 

It's such a relief to be rid of the old 5th wheel. We had so many problems with it and hope we will have better luck this time. Of course we expect problems because that is just part of the life but hopefully we'll have fewer problems.

This is our floor plan. We had the sofa removed and will buy a chair to replace it. We are also having a new passenger seat installed when it comes in. It's pretty swanky. The seat reclines, has a foot rest and has heat and massage! I think we'll call it Rob's throne. 
Of course, there is no perfect floor plan but we are happy to have an additional half bath and a residential refrigerator. The fridge is my absolute favorite part! No more defrosting and we are loving the ice and water in the door.
Ain't She Purdy?

There is significantly less interior storage in our new home so we are downsizing again. Previously I had a stacking washer and dryer but due to space limitations we now have a washer/dryer combo unit. I am learning to use it properly. Tiny loads are the way to go but the setting are pretty confusing. I washed the same load three times the other night because I couldn't figure out how to just dry for a bit longer. 

We parked door to door at the dealer for the move. What a job that was. One of our Sons-in-law, Ryan and grandson, Camden came to help us move. Thank goodness! I think they saved our lives. 
Our moving crew!
We left Oregon around 11 am on Saturday. We filled the fuel tank and drove straight home. It's about 250 miles. Driving it will take some getting used to. I was driving along and this booming voice came over all the speakers in the whole motorhome, "You are exceeding the speed limit!". Thankfully, Rob figured out how to turn that off when we got home. 

It'll take us a while to arrange and organize everything but we have time. I just need to get to a point where we can function comfortably.