Monday, July 27, 2015

Figuring Out What is Next for the Little RV - Life Changing Decisions

If you follow our blog regularly you know this spring Rob had a very serious medical emergency resulting in a very long (9 weeks) hospitalization and months of recovery which is still in progress. Now that we have finally made it home to Washington we find ourselves frequently discussing and thinking about what's next for us and how best to move forward. 
Charleston February 2013
Three years ago when we started this new lifestyle we sold our home and everything we owned except what is in the Little RV. We don't consider that a mistake but the reality is we don't have our own place to just stay forever. 

The first question we find ourselves asking is whether we can and/or want to continue to travel. During one of our conversations I asked Rob to think about a rather harsh sounding question. I didn't ask for an answer but just for him to think about the question. I asked if he knew he had five years left in his current condition what would he want to do and how would he want to spend his time.
Savannah, February 2013

We have seen several of Rob's doctors and are getting a handle on his medical needs and condition. We have no way of knowing to what extent Rob will recover. He has significant short term memory loss. At this point he cannot drive. Whether or not that changes is an unknown. His kidney doctor tells us it is unlikely he will be a candidate for kidney transplant. His kidney function is worse than it was before his hospitalization which means there was additional permanent damage done. He now has 20% of his kidney function. They are not filtering out the toxins in his system as well as they were. He has new dietary restrictions and is on new medications which are very expensive even after his insurance has paid their part so we need to be more cost conscious moving forward.
The Little RV in
Starbuck, Washington, June 2014

Another question we ponder is if we choose to continue our travels do we have the right RV and vehicle. It's not much of a stretch to give that one a definite NO! Rob has fallen several times. There are four stairs going into the RV and there are three stairs inside going up to the bedroom and bathroom. One night Rob and I both fell down those stairs together. He fell backward and I fell forward and landed on him. Fortunately neither of us was hurt badly but it was really scary. 
Gull Lake COE, Minnesota, August 2014

Basically, if we want to continue traveling we need to get a different RV. The problems with our current set-up are both sets of stairs, the difficulty of climbing in and out of the giant, dually truck, difficulty finding parking where there is enough room for him to get in and out of said truck, the numerous problems with the Little RV that need attention and a lot of cash to address, the fact that the truck is coming up on its 60,000 mile service and needs six new tires...and the list goes on. You get the general picture. 
Mural in Ashland, WI, August 2014

So, at our home we discuss RVs, tow vehicles, puppies and endlessly search the internet for options. 
Macinac Island Bridge,
Michigan, September 2014

Stay tuned, there are lots of exciting changes coming to the Little RV. We just don't know exactly what they will be yet.


  1. I'm sure these are days filled with excitement, anxiety, stress, relief to be home, confusion, anticipation and hopefully, REST. I bet you will sort out the questions and come up with the best solution.

    1. Donna, We are just not finished being nomads yet. Now we just need to make it easier. Stay tuned, big things in the works.