Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Homeward Bound, Part 1, Benson to Wikieup, Arizona

Yesterday we began our long journey home. We got mostly hooked up and ready to go the night before so the morning was fairly easy to get going. We had to wait until the office opened so we could pay the utility bill. We were on the road by 9 am. The temperatures were expected to be in the triple digits and it was just time to get out of Dodge.

Before you ask, I was indeed wearing my big girl panties yesterday. We had an ambitious day of 300 miles planned. It was the first day I would actually be driving from site to site all by myself and I was a bit nervous. Fortunately it went really well. 

The last third of the drive was very mountainous so there was a lot of learning to use the engine brakes and very strong suggestions to gain speed on the down hill parts to keep up the speed on the uphill parts. I'm not a fan of feeling like I'm sitting in a 50' long, heavy beast careening downhill unchecked so there were times I um... chose not to follow those suggestions. 

We drove through a lot of places I read about on other blogs like Wickenburg, AZ where there is a nearby traffic circle with an awesome sculpture.
Spurs made to fit a giant

When we stopped for the day it was really hot outside. We had been watching the temperatures all day as we traveled but I just wasn't prepared for the hot slap across the face I got when I jumped out of the truck. It was just over 100 degrees. 

I was so hot in the RV we kept the door open to let the wind blow in for a bit while I hooked up the power, water and satellite. It took several hours to get the temperature comfortable inside. Even our chairs were radiating heat from the inside. Ugh!!! 

We are going to spend at least two nights at each stop so Rob (and I) can recover from the drive. His legs were really swollen and he was hurting when we arrived. 

I wanted to share a photo of this guy we found near the pool the other day. Kinda make you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't he?

Next stop, Lake Mead. 


  1. Are you going to keep that tarantula as a pet? It sure is cute.

    1. Dizzy,
      If I had known you have such a love for tarantulas I'd have sent him to you.