Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Getting the Little RV Stuck and Unstuck

We left Reno on Sunday and drove to Yreka, California where we spent the one night and moved on to Junction City, Oregon. We have stopped here to arrange for the repairs of the damage done last fall on our way through Pennsylvania. You can see photos of the damage here. 

The park where we normally stay in area the Eugene has been purchased and is under serious construction. It's going to be fabulous but right now, not so much. I'm sure you remember I am driving these days because of Rob's illness. I have been doing quite well and feeling much more comfortable but I am certainly not in the overly confident category. 

We arrived at the park and could see there was a lot of construction ahead. We carefully continued forward but about 1/2 way to the office I decided it wasn't safe to continue because it looked like there was no way to turn around. 

I called the office from the truck and the attendant came out while keeping me on the phone. She told me to come ahead and we'd be fine and able to get back out. HUGE MISTAKE! In hindsight I should have walked to the office and checked things out. She clearly had no concept of the amount of space we need to get turned around. 

In the picture above, lower right corner you can see the lady who was initially directing us in the side mirror. You can also see all of the construction materials that were in the way. 

This was directly in front of us. The lady told me to just drive over the rebar directly beside the driver side of the truck. NOT! 

So there we are stuck with steep drop-offs on the sides, construction vehicles, dumpsters all around, re-bar and plywood laying around. 

That's when the snarky construction guy walked up and said, "Wow, you really got yourself into a pinch here." That certainly didn't help the situation but the office lady graciously told him it was her fault. It really was my fault. I shouldn't have listened to her.

So, the construction guys moved re-bar, plywood and pallets of other construction materials to free up some space to maneuver us out of our pickle. Once we had some space to move we were out in just a few minutes. We drove back up to the front and got backed into a space and set up. 

It seems a simple, easy to see warning up front would have avoided that situation completely. What an ordeal! 

We're working on an arrangement with the body shop and the insurance company so I don't know when we'll be heading north. I'm so anxious to see my family. Soon....

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