Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting Closer to Home in the Little RV

We stopped here in the Eugene, Oregon area to arrange for the body work to be done on the damage we managed to pick up last fall.  We had no idea they would be able to do the work immediately. 

Most body shops order new metal skirting from the manufacturer which takes weeks or months but this shop removes the damaged skirting and sends it to a local fabricator which only takes three days. 

In addition to the damage to the side the front end took a hit which turns out to be a good thing because nearly a year and a half ago a leaking window saturated the inside of the front end of around the hitch. You can see photos here and here

Unfortunately the cardboard backed skin has sagged more and more over time and it pulls the sealant on the seams and trim and I can't keep it sealed up and water tight. 

Because of the new damage the entire lower front end is being replaced. That makes me feel so much better and it'll look better too. They replaced it with wood backed sheeting so it's a bit tougher too. 

We're still hanging out in the RV dealer and repair campground which is really just a big parking lot with power and some water hook-ups along the side. They work on the Little RV by day and we get her back at closing time. 

The days are tedious to say the least. They come around 8 am and haul her away then bring her back at the end of the day. During that time we attempt to find things to do to keep busy. It's been hard on Rob because he has nowhere to rest during the day. 

Thursday we packed up and headed over to the beach. It's only an hour away so we got  a room for the night. We were in Florence near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

We were able to spend a bit of time driving around seeing the sights. 

I got a few minutes on the beach on Friday morning. It was a bit foggy and cold but I was barefoot on the beach so it was awesome!

Ever run into a heard of Basset Hounds on the beach? I have.

Rob caught this guy racing up and down the dunes.

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  1. Glad you found a place to fix your RV. The place I took mine had to order factory made panels. I sure wish that they could have made them at their own shop. BTW, I had a couple of Bassets over the years; nice dogs.