Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting Closer to Home in the Little RV

We stopped here in the Eugene, Oregon area to arrange for the body work to be done on the damage we managed to pick up last fall.  We had no idea they would be able to do the work immediately. 

Most body shops order new metal skirting from the manufacturer which takes weeks or months but this shop removes the damaged skirting and sends it to a local fabricator which only takes three days. 

In addition to the damage to the side the front end took a hit which turns out to be a good thing because nearly a year and a half ago a leaking window saturated the inside of the front end of around the hitch. You can see photos here and here

Unfortunately the cardboard backed skin has sagged more and more over time and it pulls the sealant on the seams and trim and I can't keep it sealed up and water tight. 

Because of the new damage the entire lower front end is being replaced. That makes me feel so much better and it'll look better too. They replaced it with wood backed sheeting so it's a bit tougher too. 

We're still hanging out in the RV dealer and repair campground which is really just a big parking lot with power and some water hook-ups along the side. They work on the Little RV by day and we get her back at closing time. 

The days are tedious to say the least. They come around 8 am and haul her away then bring her back at the end of the day. During that time we attempt to find things to do to keep busy. It's been hard on Rob because he has nowhere to rest during the day. 

Thursday we packed up and headed over to the beach. It's only an hour away so we got  a room for the night. We were in Florence near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

We were able to spend a bit of time driving around seeing the sights. 

I got a few minutes on the beach on Friday morning. It was a bit foggy and cold but I was barefoot on the beach so it was awesome!

Ever run into a heard of Basset Hounds on the beach? I have.

Rob caught this guy racing up and down the dunes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Getting the Little RV Stuck and Unstuck

We left Reno on Sunday and drove to Yreka, California where we spent the one night and moved on to Junction City, Oregon. We have stopped here to arrange for the repairs of the damage done last fall on our way through Pennsylvania. You can see photos of the damage here. 

The park where we normally stay in area the Eugene has been purchased and is under serious construction. It's going to be fabulous but right now, not so much. I'm sure you remember I am driving these days because of Rob's illness. I have been doing quite well and feeling much more comfortable but I am certainly not in the overly confident category. 

We arrived at the park and could see there was a lot of construction ahead. We carefully continued forward but about 1/2 way to the office I decided it wasn't safe to continue because it looked like there was no way to turn around. 

I called the office from the truck and the attendant came out while keeping me on the phone. She told me to come ahead and we'd be fine and able to get back out. HUGE MISTAKE! In hindsight I should have walked to the office and checked things out. She clearly had no concept of the amount of space we need to get turned around. 

In the picture above, lower right corner you can see the lady who was initially directing us in the side mirror. You can also see all of the construction materials that were in the way. 

This was directly in front of us. The lady told me to just drive over the rebar directly beside the driver side of the truck. NOT! 

So there we are stuck with steep drop-offs on the sides, construction vehicles, dumpsters all around, re-bar and plywood laying around. 

That's when the snarky construction guy walked up and said, "Wow, you really got yourself into a pinch here." That certainly didn't help the situation but the office lady graciously told him it was her fault. It really was my fault. I shouldn't have listened to her.

So, the construction guys moved re-bar, plywood and pallets of other construction materials to free up some space to maneuver us out of our pickle. Once we had some space to move we were out in just a few minutes. We drove back up to the front and got backed into a space and set up. 

It seems a simple, easy to see warning up front would have avoided that situation completely. What an ordeal! 

We're working on an arrangement with the body shop and the insurance company so I don't know when we'll be heading north. I'm so anxious to see my family. Soon....

Monday, June 8, 2015

Homeward Bound Part 3, Boulder City, Nevada to Tonopah, Nevada, to Reno Baby!

We left our Lake Mead campsite on Friday bound for Tonopah, Nevada. There isn't much between Las Vegas and Reno except a lot of high desert.
Snow covered peaks in the background.

Tonopah is about half way between Vegas and Reno so we stopped there for a couple of nights before moving on to Reno. 

Tonopah is a small, run down little town in the heart of old silver mining country. The RV park we stayed in is basically a casino parking lot with a row of paved pull-through sites with full hook-ups. Basic is the operative word here. 

We spent two nights in Tonopah then we moved on to Reno on Sunday morning. 
We are parked in the Grand Sierra Resort RV Park. The sites are very large and most have trees. They have security and a shuttle to the casino and Starbucks. I have a love hate relationship with Starbucks. I really dislike some of their politics but I really love their green tea lemonade.

We are going to stay here for a week so Rob can recover from the first half of our trip home. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Homeward Bound Part 2, Wikieup, AZ to Boulder City, NV

This leg of our trip home was shorter at only 130 miles. We decided to stop at Lake Mead because our last travel day was a bit much for Rob to tolerate and we wanted to camp with an amazing view of the lake out of back window. 

We did have an amazing view...for about an hour until another RV pulled in next to us and complete blocked our view of the lake. You win some, you lose some.

The photos you see in this post were taken from the sites nearest the lake last night as the sun was going down. The water in very low. You can see the old water line in the picture above. 

We're in Nevada now, only 26 miles from Las Vegas. I get to put another sticker on the map. We aren't huge fans of Vegas. We prefer Reno because it has character and is much less expensive. We are planning a stop there.

It's really hot here again today and tomorrow we head for Beatty, NV. Beatty is sometimes referred to as the gateway to Death Valley dun, dun, dun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Homeward Bound, Part 1, Benson to Wikieup, Arizona

Yesterday we began our long journey home. We got mostly hooked up and ready to go the night before so the morning was fairly easy to get going. We had to wait until the office opened so we could pay the utility bill. We were on the road by 9 am. The temperatures were expected to be in the triple digits and it was just time to get out of Dodge.

Before you ask, I was indeed wearing my big girl panties yesterday. We had an ambitious day of 300 miles planned. It was the first day I would actually be driving from site to site all by myself and I was a bit nervous. Fortunately it went really well. 

The last third of the drive was very mountainous so there was a lot of learning to use the engine brakes and very strong suggestions to gain speed on the down hill parts to keep up the speed on the uphill parts. I'm not a fan of feeling like I'm sitting in a 50' long, heavy beast careening downhill unchecked so there were times I um... chose not to follow those suggestions. 

We drove through a lot of places I read about on other blogs like Wickenburg, AZ where there is a nearby traffic circle with an awesome sculpture.
Spurs made to fit a giant

When we stopped for the day it was really hot outside. We had been watching the temperatures all day as we traveled but I just wasn't prepared for the hot slap across the face I got when I jumped out of the truck. It was just over 100 degrees. 

I was so hot in the RV we kept the door open to let the wind blow in for a bit while I hooked up the power, water and satellite. It took several hours to get the temperature comfortable inside. Even our chairs were radiating heat from the inside. Ugh!!! 

We are going to spend at least two nights at each stop so Rob (and I) can recover from the drive. His legs were really swollen and he was hurting when we arrived. 

I wanted to share a photo of this guy we found near the pool the other day. Kinda make you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't he?

Next stop, Lake Mead.