Saturday, May 2, 2015

Things are Improving Little by Little

The first day at the Skilled Nursing Facility was truly an awful experience. The second day was only slightly awful but yesterday was much better! Rob is now in a private room. That took some doing but it is much less depressing. His TV doesn't work though and that or sleep is basically the only things to do during down time from therapy. That is my mission today. 

Yesterday Rob got dressed and I took him outside in the warm, fresh air and sunshine. 

Rob had a session with both Occupational and Physical Therapy yesterday and was absolutely exhausted when I left in the afternoon. He called this morning and said he can't remember eating dinner. Maybe he slept through dinner? 

Oxygen is the only tether he still has. All of the other tubes and wires are now gone. That sure makes it easier to move around. I'm hopeful he can come home soon. He is so close!


  1. Maybe you can get him an oxygen generator. I buy used, rebuilt ones and have had years of service out of them. I have two and last night I was glad I did. The one I was hooked up to quit working, so I had to switch to the other one. The reason there are two, is that one was for the RV and one for at home. That way I didn't have to wrestle those heavy machines from one place to the other. Since my RV had been in the shop, I had both oxygen machines in the house.

    1. Dizzy, we have a large oxygen concentrator here in the Little RV. Rob also has a portable oxygen concentrator. He was using 4 liters of oxygen today so if he can continue that we can handle his 02 needs here at home. Getting closer....

  2. Glad you are closer and cliser to Rob being home.