Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rehabilitation, Physical and Occupational Therapy a Rob Update

Rob has been at the nursing home for a week today and this Friday will mark eight weeks in medical facilities.

Rob can participate in up to 3 hours a day of therapies including physical, occupational and speech. He doesn't need speech therapy. Today they worked on building strength and improving balance. He also walked about 300 feet.

They toss a beach ball to him and he has to hit it back while standing with one hand on the walker. 

He's ready for the beach

They set up an obstacle course for him today. He had to navigate through the orange cones with the walker. 
How to drive your walker

He's beat after a session with these girls. 

This facility is also unable to provide him a low sodium diet. Yesterday they brought him a cheese and bologna sandwich for dinner. Seriously!  I have spoken to the dietitian and administration about the issue and it hasn't gotten better. An outside vendor provided all of the meals... and the filthy silverware that comes along with them. 

After much discussion with the medical staff at the nursing home, a Nurse Practitioner, I have decided to bring Rob home on Monday. She believes he will do better at home and has full faith in me to take care of him. She also said flat out, they will try to keep him until the insurance won't pay anymore and they will try to discourage me from taking him home. 

I'm am busy preparing for his return. I am going to move the RV to another site where we will have more shade and will be closer to the pool. I'll do that on Friday. 

Once I get moved I'll set up our site like home. We have an outdoor rug, chairs, a table, a grill and rope lights. Think I'll go crazy and get a tomato plant too.  I suspect we'll be here for at least a couple more months.

I've gotten some equipment he'll need like a shower seat and a walker. We have an oxygen concentrator, a portable oxygen setup and an oxygen meter to check his oxygen levels and a blood pressure machine. 

The other day Rob's cell phone disappeared. We don't know whether it was taken or lost in the trash or bedding. The nursing home purchased a brand new one for him at the full price without batting an eye. They handled it very well and now Rob has a phone again. 

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