Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Move, A Boo Boo for Mrs.Smarty Pants, and a Long List in the Little RV

Yesterday I got up and stowed everything inside and out and got the Little RV ready to move. My move wasn't more than two blocks but it's the same process for two blocks as for two hundred miles.  I hitched the trailer to the truck and got ready to move. 
         Our new space. That's the pool behind us!

Once that was done I walked over to the office to let them know I was ready and get someone to direct me into the new space. It's tough to back something that big without help. I'm happy to report it was a piece of cake. Of course if it wasn't for the nice man who directed me I might still be working on it. He did tell me I did something most people don't. He said I actually listened to and followed his directions. Go me!
We have a shade tree!

Unfortunately the move didn't go perfectly. A few weeks ago a piece of trim literally fell off the outside of Little RV. It came from the bottom edge of the slide nearest the door. I reinstalled the part by screwing it back on and sealing it to keep water out. I was feeling good about my repair job...

...until I put the slides back out after the move and found this. 
A new boo boo!

I have now replaced the offending screw with a flat headed screw but the damage is done. I've been wanting to rip out the carpet and install new flooring downstairs. Guess that'll be happening sooner rather than later. For now I'll glue it down and I think (I hope) it'll be nearly invisible. 

Today I'm taking a day off from the Nursing Home to get the Little RV ready for Rob's return on Monday. I'm replacing screws and gluing the floor back together. I also need to string some oxygen tubing up along the ceiling so we don't trip over the tubing whenever we try to move around. The place could use a good scrub too. I've been neglecting my housework lately. 
My list for today. Wish me luck!
I was outside late this morning setting up our outdoor rug, chairs and lights but there's an awfully chilly wind so I decided to wait until it's warmer outside. There's plenty to do inside. 


  1. Sorry about the Boo-Boo but glad Rob is getting back to you and the Little RV.

    1. Dizzy, I glued the floor back together and it doesn't look too bad. Rob is a bit apprehensive to come home but I think he'll be much better off here.

  2. So happy to hear Rob will be returning home where I am sure recovery will be faster!