Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Little RV Visits Saguaro National Park East

Saguaro Cactus
We had our first sightseeing outing the other day. We went to Saguaro National Park, something we have wanted to do for a long time. We didn't realize there were two separate sections of the park, one on the west side of Tucson and one on the East side. 
Saguaro in bloom

Because it is spring many of the cacti are in bloom. They are nearly at the end of their blooming season but still very pretty.
Purple Cane Cholla

We arrived in the later afternoon in order to catch the evening lighting. 

There is just a short, 8-mile drive through the park, it's very narrow, one way with sporadic turn-outs. 

They have many varieties of cactus including this prickly pear in beautiful bloom.
Saguaros are really interesting up close. 
A family of stair-step Saguaro children?
There is plenty of wild life in the park too. This quail blends in very well. 

We also saw a couple of ridiculously big rabbits but we didn't get any photos because they move way to fast. 
Snagged photo from Pinterest
These things have to be at least two feet tall and half of that is ears. 

Birds enjoy the Saguaros too.
Sunset in Saguaro National Park...Beautiful!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finally Back Home in the Little RV

Rob finally got to come home on Monday afternoon, a mere 8 1/2 weeks from his hospital admission date. We are muddling through as well as can be expected. He is glad to be home and I am so glad to have him here. 

Our days are still filled with medical stuff but at least we can handle it at home. Rob has a permanent tail made of oxygen tubing and we attempt to maneuver around the Little RV without tripping on the tubing.    

The weather has been on the chilly and windy side but we try to get outside daily for a little exercise. He has a swanky, red walker with brakes, a basket and a seat. I have threatened to have flames painted on for a bit of personality. 

Yesterday we went to the grocery store and Rob was able to do the whole store with his walker. That basket on his walker sure came in handy.  He was extremely tired after that. I think it was a bit too much but Rob only has two speeds, give it all you have or stop. 

The Armenian Priest came for a visit the other day. He brought along his trusty sidekicks. Can you tell these guys come from the same stock?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Move, A Boo Boo for Mrs.Smarty Pants, and a Long List in the Little RV

Yesterday I got up and stowed everything inside and out and got the Little RV ready to move. My move wasn't more than two blocks but it's the same process for two blocks as for two hundred miles.  I hitched the trailer to the truck and got ready to move. 
         Our new space. That's the pool behind us!

Once that was done I walked over to the office to let them know I was ready and get someone to direct me into the new space. It's tough to back something that big without help. I'm happy to report it was a piece of cake. Of course if it wasn't for the nice man who directed me I might still be working on it. He did tell me I did something most people don't. He said I actually listened to and followed his directions. Go me!
We have a shade tree!

Unfortunately the move didn't go perfectly. A few weeks ago a piece of trim literally fell off the outside of Little RV. It came from the bottom edge of the slide nearest the door. I reinstalled the part by screwing it back on and sealing it to keep water out. I was feeling good about my repair job...

...until I put the slides back out after the move and found this. 
A new boo boo!

I have now replaced the offending screw with a flat headed screw but the damage is done. I've been wanting to rip out the carpet and install new flooring downstairs. Guess that'll be happening sooner rather than later. For now I'll glue it down and I think (I hope) it'll be nearly invisible. 

Today I'm taking a day off from the Nursing Home to get the Little RV ready for Rob's return on Monday. I'm replacing screws and gluing the floor back together. I also need to string some oxygen tubing up along the ceiling so we don't trip over the tubing whenever we try to move around. The place could use a good scrub too. I've been neglecting my housework lately. 
My list for today. Wish me luck!
I was outside late this morning setting up our outdoor rug, chairs and lights but there's an awfully chilly wind so I decided to wait until it's warmer outside. There's plenty to do inside. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rehabilitation, Physical and Occupational Therapy a Rob Update

Rob has been at the nursing home for a week today and this Friday will mark eight weeks in medical facilities.

Rob can participate in up to 3 hours a day of therapies including physical, occupational and speech. He doesn't need speech therapy. Today they worked on building strength and improving balance. He also walked about 300 feet.

They toss a beach ball to him and he has to hit it back while standing with one hand on the walker. 

He's ready for the beach

They set up an obstacle course for him today. He had to navigate through the orange cones with the walker. 
How to drive your walker

He's beat after a session with these girls. 

This facility is also unable to provide him a low sodium diet. Yesterday they brought him a cheese and bologna sandwich for dinner. Seriously!  I have spoken to the dietitian and administration about the issue and it hasn't gotten better. An outside vendor provided all of the meals... and the filthy silverware that comes along with them. 

After much discussion with the medical staff at the nursing home, a Nurse Practitioner, I have decided to bring Rob home on Monday. She believes he will do better at home and has full faith in me to take care of him. She also said flat out, they will try to keep him until the insurance won't pay anymore and they will try to discourage me from taking him home. 

I'm am busy preparing for his return. I am going to move the RV to another site where we will have more shade and will be closer to the pool. I'll do that on Friday. 

Once I get moved I'll set up our site like home. We have an outdoor rug, chairs, a table, a grill and rope lights. Think I'll go crazy and get a tomato plant too.  I suspect we'll be here for at least a couple more months.

I've gotten some equipment he'll need like a shower seat and a walker. We have an oxygen concentrator, a portable oxygen setup and an oxygen meter to check his oxygen levels and a blood pressure machine. 

The other day Rob's cell phone disappeared. We don't know whether it was taken or lost in the trash or bedding. The nursing home purchased a brand new one for him at the full price without batting an eye. They handled it very well and now Rob has a phone again. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Things are Improving Little by Little

The first day at the Skilled Nursing Facility was truly an awful experience. The second day was only slightly awful but yesterday was much better! Rob is now in a private room. That took some doing but it is much less depressing. His TV doesn't work though and that or sleep is basically the only things to do during down time from therapy. That is my mission today. 

Yesterday Rob got dressed and I took him outside in the warm, fresh air and sunshine. 

Rob had a session with both Occupational and Physical Therapy yesterday and was absolutely exhausted when I left in the afternoon. He called this morning and said he can't remember eating dinner. Maybe he slept through dinner? 

Oxygen is the only tether he still has. All of the other tubes and wires are now gone. That sure makes it easier to move around. I'm hopeful he can come home soon. He is so close!