Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rehabin' With Rob (not) in the Little RV

Rob's hospital stay continues but now he is in the rehabilitation hospital. He is still in the ICU but I can see small improvements every day. 

They started his physical therapy yesterday and he was able to sit up on the edge of the bed a couple of times. His speech and thoughts become more clear daily and he seems more and more like himself.

In fact, today his nurse and I got him into a shower chair and whisked him down the hall to the shower. I got him scrubbed up as clean as possible while sitting in a chair but he felt almost human (if not extremely tired) after that shower. 

The food is much better in the new hospital. That is a bonus for both of us!

Today he wanted to hear the whole story of what he has been through in the last month so I told him. Fortunately, he doesn't remember anything. But, he has been struggling to understand why he is having to spend time in rehabilitation rather than at home. I think the trip to the shower and the extreme exhaustion afterward showed him that he needs some help getting on his feet again. 


  1. He is improving. Just make sure he doesn't rush it.

  2. Great update, thanks. Prayers for continued daily progress. Take care of yourself too.