Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hospitals and Therapy Dogs, an Update on Rob

So much has happened since the last time I posted. The short story is Rob has improved little by little and day by day. 
Preparing for the ambulance ride to the new hospital
Yesterday Rob was transferred from the hospital where he spent 27 days to a different hospital that will focus on his rehabilitation. He is in their ICU because he is still on a heart monitor, oxygen and hasn't been out of bed yet. They are also having a very difficult time regulating his blood sugar and there are a couple of other lingering problems. 

The new hospital is very small, only 38 beds and while they are a fully accredited hospital they specialize in complex rehabilitation. Their average stay is 25 days. It is also in Tucson so the drive is only about 5 miles shorter.  

The move seems to have been good for him. He got to go outside for a few minutes while being loaded into the ambulance and now has a new room to look at and new staff to interact with. 

I went to see him this morning and was only there for a couple of hours when he sent me home. He was tired and wanted to sleep and I guess he didn't want me watching him. I used the opportunity to clean the dirty Little RV. It was a mess in here and there was stuff everywhere. It's much better now and I feel like I have accomplished something. 

While Rob was in the previous hospital he had visits from 4 different therapy dogs. What a great program. They come for a visit and most of them get right up on the bed with him. It really lifts his spirits. These are three of the dogs who visited. The last one, Mama, who visited yesterday was a beautiful girl. She is a Goldendoodle. I didn't get a picture of her but Mama promised to come for a visit to the new hospital.

Cody with Rob



  1. Dogs are definitely my therapy. I do think that they lift our spirits and help us get well.

    1. Dizzy, We had decided not to get another dog until we were settled somewhere. I'm glad in some ways we didn't have a dog for me to take care of but it would have been a comfort for me to come home to and Rob really needs a doggie to love on. So... the search will begin soon.